Yep. We got us a couple FEET of snow on the ground here y’all! Gotta love these springtime blizzards…

Yesterday the Airport closed, the military base closed, the town closed, hell even the MALL closed. I stayed open to the experience. Ha!

During the night it dumped another 8 inches or so and still snowing. Now I’m pissed as it has officially inconvenienced me. Not because I need to drive anywhere (Hell no) but because at 5 this morning I had to shovel a path for Pug because for once she actually set her dainty little toe outside (ok, I shoved her with my foot) and instead of peeing on the deck as she normally does in inclement weather, she went down the stairs to the yard and then couldn’t get back up. So she parked her fat butt at the bottom of the stairs and barked. AND BARKED. Almost made me wish she’d just pooped in the house like yesterday morning…almost. Instead I put on snow boots etc. on over my PJ’s and trudged out to rescue her figuring she had bottomed out on a drift. She didn’t. The snow had drifted away from the stairs leaving only a couple of inches on the stairs, cementing her status as a lazy little heifer….

Yesterday I baked cookies and worked on creating a monster baby mobile for our upcoming Grandson! Yep, Gus-Gus will fall peacefully asleep in his crib with a menagerie of monsters staring down at him….(pics will follow when it’s finished)

Today I’m **gulp** attempting to sew his crib bedding….**double gulp** Quilt, crib bumper and dust ruffle….I’ve got about $150 bucks worth of super cute fabric purchased in 2 different states and 4 different stores that’s highly likely to become fubar’d way past the point of being salvageable….


So to reassure myself that I can indeed make the craftiness successfully, here’s a couple pics that prove it….:)


I made this for the front door, ya know….CUZ IT’S SPRINGTIME.


Yup. Finished my bedroom lamps, and in just a shade over 6 months. Go Me.


Not your average frame job!

I feel better about myself now…




2 thoughts on “Ahhhhh….Spring

  1. As well you should! Look at you go! Six months is nuthin’! There’s an adorable toddler dress somewhere that I STARTED when my daughter B was barely 2. She’s going to be 34 this July!! Can you tell I hate to sew? Gimme my knittin’ needles or a crochet hook and I’m good to go or was before carpal tunnel. I still work on some stuff now and again but not quite as enthusiastically.

    I LOVE your Spring wreath! My tulips are starting to bloom out back – no thanks to me; they’re practically buried in weeds the poor things. But the weather is not at all Spring-like today. Blustery, cold wind and rain! Makes me almost glad I’m at work where it’s warm!

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