A list, revisited…

Anybody remember this post from January ’12 when I listed all the things from 2011 that I did and did NOT want to repeat in 2012??

I re-read through it the other day when I noticed a couple of followers had randomly read it…

So I decided to respond to my own self with updates…cuz I can…(updates in red)

“Stuff I never want to do again. Not in 2012, 2013, 2025, 2115. NOT. EVER.”

1. Face plant myself on the sidewalk and break my hand. There was zero fun in that for me…(no broken bones since. Go me!)

2. Have a screaming, bawling, hysterical fit at a one of the dudes I work with. Ugh. Not a bright shining moment for either one of us…plus my face looks all puffy and icky when I cry so that should be avoided at all costs. This goes hand in hand with #3…(Ha! Solved that issue pretty effectively by retiring early! Ditto for #3)

3. Let a co-worker drive me so completely insane that I contemplate leaving my job over it….Must learn to ignore more efficiently. (I have gotten much better at letting stuff roll off my back rather than taking it all so seriously. I’m actually quite good now at saying “Va Bene” which is Italian for “Eh, whatev…it’s all good.” My new mantra)

4. Use all my vacation time without actually taking a vacation. I’m pooped. I’m taking 54 vacations in 2012 if it kills someone…(Seriously, I had no idea when I wrote this that I’d end up giving myself a permanent vaca)

5. Watch while one of my children’s life falls completely and totally apart. I’m not a fan…(Thank God I got my wish on this one. No catastrophies to speak of, KNOCK ON FRIKKIN WOOD)

6. Help anyone move. Especially out of a 3rd floor apartment. I will bring lunch to the movers but I ain’t lifting a box or a piece of furniture. (FAIL. I just finished helping Chef Vivi, not so much with packing or actual moving of boxes/furniture as the Navy hired peeps for that, but most definitely with the frantic wrapping up of details before moving and cleaning to get the rental deposit back. Ugh.)

7. Help plan a wedding.  I’m retiring from the wedding planning business. When Avery gets married, I’ll hire a pro….(Success! Mostly cuz nobody got married, I’m sure if they had I’d have helped…cuz the word “Sucker” is tattooed across my forehead…)

8. Drive by a junk store with a Giant Metal Chicken displayed amongst the junk outside and not stop to inquire about purchasing said Giant Metal Chicken. I’ve been regretting that for months. (Still regret that. Haven’t passed by another one…BUT I’ve applied this to every equally junky piece of crap I’ve come across since. Because you never know what you might want later….Fact.)


Woulda looked so good in my front yard, plus scared away the random Jehovah’s Witness, Direct TV salesman and the dummies wanting to talk about their candidates during elections…Cuz a 6 foot metal chicken in the flower bed screams CRAZY PANTS LIVES HERE.


9. Try to bake cupcakes in waffle bowls. Epic fail….(Ugh. Never again. I can however now appreciate the hilarity of my complete and utter failure of my first attempt to recreate a Pinterest thing)

10. Take a single piece of clothing to French Cleaners in Rapid City. Jackasses ruined my dress I wore to Vivi’s wedding and now won’t return my phone call. It was a great dress too…..(Nope. Asshats…)

Things I hope to someday repeat.

1. See the look of sheer joy and contentment on the face of a Daughter at her Wedding. (Nope)

2. Hold a brand new Grandbaby for the first time. (Coming soon!!!)

3. Fulfill a lifetime need for a creative outlet. (Retirement pretty much took care of this one too, I’ve always had plenty of ideas for outlets but never the time. ‘Course now I have the time but not so much the funds…va bene)

4. Reunite with long lost loved ones. (Hmmmm….well…………about this one……..NOT SO MUCH. In fact, I actually created what will become long lost loved ones by alienating a couple in 2012. But not so far in 2013, does that count for anything?? No?? Poop.)

5. Spend whole weekends in my jammies watching movies with my Hubs while unabashedly and guiltlessly ignorning chores…(Days spent in jammies….NOT JUST FOR WEEKENDS ANYMORE!! Plus, I can now ignore chores like a PRO)

6. Find peace by learning to tune out stuff that makes me feel icky inside. (Done and DONE. Yay me.)

7. Make up a new recipe that becomes an oft requested family favorite. (Kinda….more like adapted an existing recipe that someone else made up. But I was smart enough to find it in the first place so Go me again)

8. Discover that I can, indeed do it if I set my mind to it. (Mostly I’ve just discovered that I don’t wanna do much!)

9. Learn a new workout routine that I will actually miss if forced to skip it for a day. (NO. Hell no. Ew. Also, Ick)

10. Enjoy little moments of hilarity, silliness and joy with a friend. (Yeppers! Pretty dang often too thankyouverymuch)

So there you have it, a bunch of reasons why I’ve succeeded and failed, and failed successfully in the last year and a half!



One thought on “A list, revisited…

  1. Grammy, I commented on that post!! I did not like #5 then and I absolutely abhor it now. After my son’s accident last July–I’m still a wreck. There is nothing worse than watching your child hurt. I’ll leave it at that.

    I’m so glad you got rid of many of the other “bad” ones. Yay for you! And you got a lot of the “good” ones. Yay! Again! You go girl!!


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