Our family got busy on this day…


Today is kinda “Birthin’ Babies Day” in our family…

My Great Granny Carter did it, my Mom did it and my Sis-in-law did it, (she also got hitched on April 3 too but not the same year that she had my nephew!)

In light of all this traditional squirtin’ out of the babies that the women in my family like to do on April 3, I’d like to wish a most FABULOUS birthday to:

My Big Bubba, I’ve adored you my whole life…

My Nephew with the most contagious smile…

My Beloved Grandma, tell the Angels to make you a ridiculously decadent cake…I miss you.

Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Bubba and his Bride of like, I dunno…86 years?? I can’t remember how many years she’s put up with him but it’s a LOT! (Maybe not 86 but I betcha some days it feels like it!) My Mom used to say if those two ever got divorced she’d keep the Daughter-in-law and ditch the Son she gave birth to! She might have been kidding….or not.

Anyhoo, I love them all and wish I could give them all the biggest hug in the history of forever…and eat some of their birthday/anniversary cake..

Y’all know I love me some cake…




2 thoughts on “Our family got busy on this day…

  1. I think you mean they “got busy” back around the 4th of July, right? I’ve heard watching fireworks together can lead to … um … FIREWORKS! LOL!

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