Stellar Days and Giggles…

While in Washington, for what I hope isn’t my last time, I made a trip on the ferry across Puget Sound to spend the day with my dear, dear friend Bubbe…

It was glorious….

It started with this:



This guy was nesting right outside the window of the seat I chose when I boarded the ferry…I spent a bit of time wondering where he/she got all those mop heads??

Because I’m a big Baby and have a horrible fear of getting lost in a strange place, Bubbe was waiting for me right at the end of the debarking ramp when I got to Seattle because she hearts me! Big hugs all around and then we set off on our Pike’s Market adventure!

Bubbe has bad knees and hips, I have a bad back and hip so we strolled ever so leisurely as we made our way through crowded sidewalks and streets between the ferry terminal and the Market…neither of us had an agenda or a schedule so our pace suited us nicely…



I found the Holy Grail of all imported oils at an International market…I wanted one of everything!

We window shopped, we people watched, we giggled and talked…a lot. The weather was perfect so we picnicked in a small water front park. We perused the market shops and chose things for loved ones, and ourselves.




The flower vendors…by far my favorite thing about Pike’s Market. Once again, I wanted one of everything, but settled for a bunch of pussy willow branches as I knew it was the only thing that would survive being crammed in my suitcase on the road trip back home to South Dakota…(and they did, and they are lovely in my wine cork vase with some pheasant feathers!)

Downtown Seattle on a beautiful Spring Saturday is a wonder of street entertainers of epic proportions. We saw a gentleman hoola-hooping, singing, playing the harmonica and tambourine all at the same time, a Motown-esque A Capella group who had drawn a crowd so large that it almost completely blocked the street which is how my foot almost got run over as Bubbe and I skirted around the edge of the crowd. Many genres of singers/guitarists on every corner for blocks and blocks…and this guy:


Who is apparently the Crown Prince of balloon sculpture…

Even with fighting the throngs of people, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing day that I treasured. It’s all about the company you keep….


As we made our way back to the ferry terminal at the end of our day, we passed a long section of fence covered in locks, some heart shaped, some with lovers initials painted on them, large and small…I was completely charmed!

I was so proud of myself for remembering to snap a self portrait of Bubbe and I…



It was just one more thing we giggled over as we waited in the terminal for my ferry to arrive…and then we hugged once more as I got in line to board. I looked back a few times as I worked my way up the ramp and got a bit misty as the ferry pulled away from the dock because I knew I was leaving a friend I could happily stroll around Seattle with on a regular basis, the kind of friend you miss as soon as you say goodbye…

I adore her…



2 thoughts on “Stellar Days and Giggles…

  1. Oh now you’ve gone and made me cry! I looked back a few times myself when you were leaving, wishing you’d been able to stay longer. It was a lovely day and I so enjoyed our visit. I adore you too Grammy, come see me any time! πŸ˜€

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