Whenever I’m fixin’ to travel I make a list of crap to pack…

And inevitably I forget to put something on the list, therefor I end up buying it when I get where I’m going…

I have no doubt my trip to see Chef Vivi will be the same….

I leave Thursday morning, I’m so excited to see the Danger-Bean bump!! Vivi too 🙂

I’m not taking my laptop, & typing a post on this tablet IS A PAIN IN ME ARSE!!! SO…..I may not post while I’m gone, if I do I can assure y’all it will be short & sweet!

Also, I get to see my dear friend Bubbe while I’m there & I’m super pumped about that..she has shenanigans planned & I can’t wait to see what they are! I hope they include some serious people watching with a good cup of coffee (tea) in hand….

Maybe I’ll have figured out how to post pics on this thing by then….


Recent doin’s…

Guess what??

I’ve decided to be a girl again for a while…like a Girly-girl…with make up and everything! Do not ask me why I’ve had this sudden change of attitude on such primping and going ons, but I think it started when I gave myself a military buzz cut last month….

Guess what else?

I’ve decided scarves are my new thing…last year it was maxi dresses. Again, do not ask for an explanation as I haven’t got one…these changes are inexplicable.

But lookie:

I made this one, out of a shirt I don't wear anymore...

I made this one, out of a shirt I don’t wear anymore…along with 3 others!










Bought this one...along with 3 others...Wha??

Bought this one…along with 3 others…Wha??
















So now I have a closet full of pretty scarves…and I keep digging thru my clothes to see what other old blouses will be sacrificed to the scarf Gods. It’s a sickness really…

Guess what else AGAIN??

My Hubs has a new love….

Bubbe, put down that shotgun….it’s all good!


His dream truck! He’s talked about getting an old truck to restore since the day I met him. So yesterday, after a night of nail biting while waiting for the eBay auction to end,  we drove to Casper Wyoming to pick it up!



It’s purty….I want to leave it rusty and covered in that gorgeous patina, park it in the yard and plant flowers in the bed…he has vehemently vetoed this idea. I don’t understand his objections…

Party pooper…


His brother saw this picture of Hubs test driving it and said “Grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary”…I agree!




I don’t think it will be hard to guess what he’ll be doing this summer while I’m gone to Guam for 2 months huh??

Up until about a week ago, he had decided to sell his Tacoma he’s been driving for the last 5 years and get a brand new version. He’d put a lot of thought into it, weighing the pro’s and con’s…and then one day he called me to say he’d changed his mind, he wanted to keep his current truck (which is in perfectly good condition) and go for a classic truck restoration instead. I’m in love with his decision!

That’s our news, what’s new with y’all??


A study of torture….

This was the first thing I said to another living soul today:

*text to Bambi-Lou* “Good Morning. I hate bras.”


I’m betting if you’re a person blessed with breasticles, you do as well….

I used to care about how pretty they were, now I just want to find one that doesn’t feel like a straight jacket whist keeping my Girls up off the floor….Consequently I go without as often as possible, which is why you should watch your step if you come to my house unannounced lest you trip over one (or two)….It happens.

Here’s a tidbit I shouldn’t share but will anyway: When Avery’s Mom was like 3 or 4 she told me “Mommy, when I grow up I hope I have nice looong boobies like you”  which is when I stopped changing clothes in front of my children…

Let’s take a look at the uplifting (ha!) history of the bra

Ancient Greeks first decided that boobs should be wrapped and flattened, and not just on women folk; apparently if a dude had moobs they got bound up as well! It all went downhill from there…

By 1863, the U.S. Patent office had over 1200 patents for “breast supporters”….and that wasn’t a list of guys who liked them as that would be a MUCH longer list…

I’ve always liked to blame the invention of the bra on a man with Mommy issues, cuz who else would want to torture women that way?? I was wrong. We were betrayed by one of our own, a chick named Marie Tucek who came up with idea of straps over the shoulders, separate “pockets” and the much despised hook/eye closure….Bitch.

I no longer believe that bacon makes everything better....

I no longer believe that bacon makes everything better….









And no amount of money can make a bra comfortable. Case in point:

This sucker cost $15 million bucks and betcha it still pinched like a mutha...

This sucker cost $15 million bucks and betcha it still pinched like a mutha…

So whats a girl to do (with her Girls)? I’d love to just burn them all ala the 60’s but I’m not that hypocritical, I shake my head in bewilderment when I see a woman out in public sans bra when she CLEARLY needs one. My Mom never needed a bra, EVER. I envy those teensy little hooters that she beefed up with inch thick foam pads in her bras, just to reach a B cup…

So I reckon I’ll spend my next few decades doing the same thing I’ve done for the past few; pulling and tugging at my bra trying in vain to adjust it into some semblance of comfort.






I’ve been mulling something over the last couple of months….

I’m seriously contemplating closing down when my domain comes up for renewal in July.

There’s a couple of reasons for this; 1. I just don’t feel the passion for it that I used to, mostly because coming up with topics that interest me enough to write about them are becoming more and more rare; 2. I find myself feeling pressured to post something new every couple of days and I sometimes resent that; and 3. I feel like I’m becoming repetitive and y’all deserve better than that!

I haven’t made up my mind for sure. It just seems likes I’m in slump more and more often with nothing to say except for the occasional craftiness and Peanut. And while those are happy posts, I often wonder if they entertain anyone but me. Writing an online diary to myself wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I started this….

I promise, if I do throw in the towel I’ll post a final farewell and not just leave ya wondering where I went…



March weather is STUPID. The end.

On Saturday, Peanut and I enjoyed mid-50  sunshiny temps and took ourselves to the Outdoor learning campus/park….

On Monday the wind howled at about a thousand miles per hour and the temp was a balmy 30 something. Of course the wind chill was like minus 895 below….

Ugh. I adore Spring, but March?? Not so much….

Last year about this time I wrote about taking Peanut to the this same place. She enjoyed it so much more this time!


This is her being super excited to not have to hear “No No Baby, don’t touch”…



And this is her being REALLY confused about how a fire hydrant works….

And this is her being pretty darn proud of herself for finding that wooden spoon...

And this is her being pretty darn proud of herself for finding that wooden spoon…












This is her thinking to herself "Hmmm. They sound like crunchy tater chips...reckon they taste like them too??"

This is her thinking to herself “Hmmm. They sound like crunchy tater chips…don’t taste the same though…”












And this is her wondering if she can beat Gram to that water over there...

And this is her wondering if she can beat Gram to that water over there…
























It was a good day, one that left me wondering what other fun places she is big enough to explore with me now, and her Mommy wondering if those cute little white leggings she put on Peanut that morning would ever be white again!