Packing part deux..or 10

Last night Chef Vivi says to me “This is my last night in mine & Dan’s first home”…

She was a little sad, & so was I….

Today the movers come to start packing & loading all of Clan Murray’s belongings for shipping….

We have sooo much left to do before they arrive, and we’re still exhausted from yesterday’s preparation efforts….at least I am. Being wide effin’ awake at 4 a.m. might have something to do with that…


Also *sigh*…

It’s also highly possible that I’m a bit stressed about fitting everything I’ve purchased into Vivi’s truck and still leaving room for the dog….and Vivi….


2 thoughts on “Packing part deux..or 10

  1. No fair! You must have shopped without me cause you didn’t get THAT much at the market! LOL!

    Just let Denny sit on Vivi’s lap. She still has a little lap left right? 😀

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