Whenever I’m fixin’ to travel I make a list of crap to pack…

And inevitably I forget to put something on the list, therefor I end up buying it when I get where I’m going…

I have no doubt my trip to see Chef Vivi will be the same….

I leave Thursday morning, I’m so excited to see the Danger-Bean bump!! Vivi too 🙂

I’m not taking my laptop, & typing a post on this tablet IS A PAIN IN ME ARSE!!! SO…..I may not post while I’m gone, if I do I can assure y’all it will be short & sweet!

Also, I get to see my dear friend Bubbe while I’m there & I’m super pumped about that..she has shenanigans planned & I can’t wait to see what they are! I hope they include some serious people watching with a good cup of coffee (tea) in hand….

Maybe I’ll have figured out how to post pics on this thing by then….


2 thoughts on “Packin’…

  1. Indeed we will be watching people and coffee/tea will likely be involved. To be honest, my plans haven’t developed much beyond wandering the Market and eating lunch. But I’m sure we can manage to get ourselves into trouble. 😀 Looking forward to seeing you!

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