Recent doin’s…

Guess what??

I’ve decided to be a girl again for a while…like a Girly-girl…with make up and everything! Do not ask me why I’ve had this sudden change of attitude on such primping and going ons, but I think it started when I gave myself a military buzz cut last month….

Guess what else?

I’ve decided scarves are my new thing…last year it was maxi dresses. Again, do not ask for an explanation as I haven’t got one…these changes are inexplicable.

But lookie:

I made this one, out of a shirt I don't wear anymore...

I made this one, out of a shirt I don’t wear anymore…along with 3 others!










Bought this one...along with 3 others...Wha??

Bought this one…along with 3 others…Wha??
















So now I have a closet full of pretty scarves…and I keep digging thru my clothes to see what other old blouses will be sacrificed to the scarf Gods. It’s a sickness really…

Guess what else AGAIN??

My Hubs has a new love….

Bubbe, put down that shotgun….it’s all good!


His dream truck! He’s talked about getting an old truck to restore since the day I met him. So yesterday, after a night of nail biting while waiting for the eBay auction to end,  we drove to Casper Wyoming to pick it up!



It’s purty….I want to leave it rusty and covered in that gorgeous patina, park it in the yard and plant flowers in the bed…he has vehemently vetoed this idea. I don’t understand his objections…

Party pooper…


His brother saw this picture of Hubs test driving it and said “Grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary”…I agree!




I don’t think it will be hard to guess what he’ll be doing this summer while I’m gone to Guam for 2 months huh??

Up until about a week ago, he had decided to sell his Tacoma he’s been driving for the last 5 years and get a brand new version. He’d put a lot of thought into it, weighing the pro’s and con’s…and then one day he called me to say he’d changed his mind, he wanted to keep his current truck (which is in perfectly good condition) and go for a classic truck restoration instead. I’m in love with his decision!

That’s our news, what’s new with y’all??


6 thoughts on “Recent doin’s…

  1. Boy it’s a good thing you clarified the “new love”! I was hunting for my key to the gun cabinet!

    MY Hubs would love your Hubs’ project! He really likes classic vehicles – though he’s more into the older (read: BIGGER) cars. At 6’6″ you should see him try to wedge himself into anything made after the 1980s! LOL!

    Looks like Luke will be so busy while you’re away he may not have time to miss you. Yeah, right!

    • I was afraid that would be your initial reaction! Here’s a funny…the first thing he has to replace is the REALLY BIG STEERING WHEEL. Apparently back in the 50’s they did not accommodate the Buddah belly!

  2. Plus? I LOVE your scarves! They look wonderful on you too! I have a couple I wear every now and again but they catch on my earrings which is probably why it’s only “now and again”. 😀

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