**Insert drum roll here**

OK. Y’all ready??

The renovation is as done as it’s likely to be for a bit, mostly cuz I’m kinda sick of working on it!! I’m still missing new drapes for the patio door, and blinds for living room and kitchen windows. They’ve been ordered but won’t be here til next week and I didn’t want to wait that long to post this!

Here we go….

I’m excited! Are y’all?? NO? Then go drink some happy juice and come back when you are, Hubs and I have busted our hiney’s on this project and dammit, I want excited Peeps!!!

IMG_2100 IMG_2103  IMG_2095  IMG_2105   IMG_2114


Have ya forgotten where we started?? Here’s the before/afters:







Quite a change huh?? I A.D.O.R.E. my new house! That’s how I feel, like I got a new house….I find myself just gazing at my new kitchen cabinets resplendent in their new coat of paint (or 3) and sporting magnificent crown molding on top. It makes me so happy!

Speaking of the kitchen cabinets….I lovingly brushed semi-gloss paint on them, one coat of primer and two coats of paint…when it was finished I stood back and looked, and liked what I saw. I got up the next morning and HOLY CRAP I was blinded by all that stark white paint! Seriously, blinded….So I glazed them.


















I stood back after the glazing was finished, and LOVED what I saw. They looked old and a bit worn and so much more ME! Hubs came home and said they looked dirty….mission accomplished cuz no one will ever know if I don’t clean them henceforth…

Did ya check out my throw rugs?? They’re memory foam Chef’s Mats which cost a fortune but are like heaven for your feet when standing…they’re also ugly. So I covered them in purty fabric and now they’re comfy and gorgeous! Peanut stands on them all the time, she steps from one to the other and just kinda lifts her little feet up and down feeling the squishiness….

I got that glorious fabric on clearance. I bought three yards and have made good use of it:
















Made me a new table runner out of some of it, plus a burlap coffee sack and a muslin flour sack I found at our local farm/ranch supply store where I buy dog food!


Had enough burlap left over to make a pretty for my new coffee station! This little counter top used to house my cookbooks but I relocated them…



To the top of my fridge! Well….some of them, the ones I use the most. The rest got stashed in the side board….

I did a lot of cleaning out and reorganizing of my kitchen cabinets and drawers and found so much extra space. It’s amazing what organizing can do! And I enjoyed redecorating my walls, even if it was with the same things, putting them in different arrangements was fun!















By the way…check out that frame up there with Peanut’s birthday pics in it. My hubby made that for me for Christmas out of cedar. It’s so pretty and he made me an extra one the same size which will be saved for Danger Bean’s first Birthday pics!

I also made this, just for fun:


















I’ve been saving my wine corks for a couple years, and Hubs brings me pheasant feathers after he goes hunting. I had the corks in a old pitcher and the feathers stuck somewhere, I kinda dig the two together!

I’m pooped….I still need to clean the carpet (can’t wait until it can be replaced with hard wood next year) and the door to the pantry and the one to my bedroom to paint and a couple more little crafty things I want to add but all in all I’m done….Hubs is adding a tiled back splash this Spring, wait til you see the tile, it is GAWJUSS!

And I’m soooooo happy!!



2 thoughts on “**Insert drum roll here**

  1. So beautiful! To be honest, I didn’t mind the wood cabinets but I think your re-do of them is awesome Grammy! I especially like the glazed finish! And when I go back and forth between your before and after shots it’s obvious there’s so much more light and I LOVE light! Amazing job you two!

    • I liked the oak when we bought the house & to be honest if we had a traditional style house with the kitchen separated I’d have probably left them alone. BUT I really wanted white chair rail & that meant painting the trim & baseboards in living room. Couldn’t paint all that while leaving the kitchen oak so…wah la! White cabinets! I do love the look!! Thanks for your kind words…:)

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