Here’s a conversation that happened a few weeks ago:

Hubs: Whatcha want for Valentines Day?

Me: Lots of Paint.

Hubs: Whatcha want for our Anniversary?

Me: Tile for the back splash.

Here’s how well he listens to me:

  1. For Valentines Day I got paint….and a new Wusthoff knife.
  2. For our Anniversary (today)  I got a Kindle Fire HD (which I requested for my Birthday in July)

Imagine my surprise when I got up at the butt crack of dawn this morning and found a card and the Kindle in my chair…sneaky little sucker!

I fussed at him (just a little, and not seriously) about it and reminded him about the tile. He replied:

Hubs: You can have tile for your birthday!

Me: Does that mean I have to wait until July for my back splash?

Hubs: Nope!

Me: I kinda love you a lot…

Hubs: 🙂

Thanks for 13 Amazing Years Babe! You just keep spoiling me and I’ll keep doing that thing you like!

(Baking! Gutter minds….)

day 11 007











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