I love to paint wall trim said Nobody. Ever.

Guess what I’m doing??

I’ve been talking about redecorating this house for a few months. New paint on everything but the carpet; basically I want no more boring golden oak and I’m sick of my butter yellow walls upstairs. Our main floor is an open floor plan consisting of our kitchen, dining room, living room with only the master bedroom/bath being separated by walls. I have adored the wall color for almost 6 years, and now I’m completely over it.

Hubs feels the same way about his 600+ square foot Denver Bronco shrine that is in our finished basement; white walls, navy blue trim, navy blue and orange shelving and mongo custom built-in corner desk lovingly detailed by the hand of yours truly when we bought the house…He’s ready for a change to something a bit more tranquil with an outdoorsey color palet that will compliment his hunting/fishing trophies.

So we’re painting…..and painting……AND PAINTING…..

As I mentioned, I’ve been mulling this project over for a few months now trying to decide on a color scheme for the upstairs that’s neutral without being boring, updated without being trendy and livable…I’ve decided to have hubs add a nice wide chair rail around the entire upstairs space. I really wanted to put beadboard (or wainscoting) below the chair rail but since our builder thought covering every square inch (including the ceilings) with a very heavily textured drywall I decided the vertical lines of the beadboard would be too busy. I even considered making Hubs skim coat the entire wall area to smooth out all that stupid bumpy texture but decided I love him too much to make him do that! Instead I’ll just paint the wall below the chair rail white and a nice soft gray above it…

Has anyone been to the paint store lately and checked out the 684,975,039 different shades of gray paint to choose from???


I got 3 different paint samples, came home and slapped big swatches of each on 3 different walls upstairs:









A is too brown and dark, B is too blue and C is too blue and dark. Ugh….they all looked so much lighter on those stupid little paint chips…I even painted some of the white I picked for the trim and wall below the chair rail thinking maybe B and C looked too blue because of the yellow…So……back to the paint store for more samples I go.

By the way, I also painted a swatch of white on a piece of trim. Permanently disfiguring the decor is how I stop us from procrastinating on this project any further! Our OCD will kick in and we’ll get the job done to keep from having to look at the goofy swatches of paint smeared around the room….(Go me!)


See? It’s called INCENTIVE….









Also, I’m painting my kitchen cabinets. Won’t that be fun?? AND we have a deadline, all painting has to be completed before Chef Vivi gets here at the end of March so her little preggo self isn’t inhaling harmful paint fumes….

Speaking of paint…Since the closest Home Depot is 100+ miles away using my all time favorite paint (Behr) was out. When we bought this house I asked a friend who had done a lot of painting in her home what brand she used. She recommended Diamond Vogel. I bought 8 gallons of it, and based on the store’s recommendation I got semi-gloss for the main floor area as it was supposed to be more durable and scrubbable  (my spellcheck says scrubbable is not a word. What say you?? Totally sounds like a word to me). I now have very little paint left on the wall above my sink because it comes off every time I wipe off a splatter. Grrrrr…… and I think the Valspar brand that Lowe’s sells is crap, not to mention the last time I bought paint from Lowe’s they mixed 2 of the 3 colors wrong (remember the shed fiasco and the mauve paint??) so no way was I giving them another shot…

I went to our other big box home improvement store and got samples of their Pittsburgh Grand Distinction paint which is supposed to be top o’ the line. It wasn’t. It was thin and didn’t cover worth a hoot. I wanted to try an Ace Hardware brand that got great reviews online but they don’t sell those little 3 oz sample jars and a quart is almost as much as a gallon…Bambi recommended Dutch Boy, so I got their line of Refresh paint (low fumes) for using in Hubs big room downstairs. LOVE IT. Love! Goes on smooth and covers like nobody’s business!! The off white I got to cover the navy blue on all the trim completely covered in 2 coats with NO PRIMER! I’m totally impressed. I was so afraid I was gonna end up shelling out $45 bucks a gallon for Benjamin Moore because I couldn’t find a cheaper brand that covered as well. At $28 a gallon the Dutch Boy Refresh is my new favorite paint! (Just an FYI, I sure as hell ain’t getting paid by Dutch Boy to say nice things!)

I may not post as frequently for the next couple of weeks while I work on these big redecorating projects but I’ll keep ya updated on how it’s all coming along. While painting the underside of the top of a door sill I felt a coolness on my chest. It was paint that I was pouring down the front of myself, apparently when I lean my head back I lean the rest of me too including the hand holding the paint container. That was only day 2 of the project so just imagine what other stunts I’ll be able to amuse y’all with in the weeks to come!



6 thoughts on “I love to paint wall trim said Nobody. Ever.

  1. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time–I could SO identify–esp. the picture of the splash of paint on the door trim!! We are in the process of painting 30-yr-old (dirty/grimy) golden oak cabinets, doors and trim in our kitchen. I am giving my daughter a bridal shower at the end of March and we HAD to do something! Still slapping Kilz on the woodwork (darn, little spots of grease keep coming through since “someone who will remain nameless” tends to go the “half-ass” route.) However, we ARE near a Home Depot so are using the Behr Ultra White over the Kilz. It also took 2 days to strip the wallpaper I lovingly chose all those many years ago (and shed a little tear when the last little shred–because it mostly came off in shreds!–went into the trash.) Replacing it with Behr’s Golden Champagne. Can’t afford right now to replace the original formica “butcher block” countertops–saving for a wedding (and shower.) We are just not meticulous and I’m so afraid the finished job will reflect that, but can’t turn back now. Looking forward to updates. I suspect you will finish well ahead of us!

    • Ahhhhh….a fellow home improvement sufferer! I love painting stuff. (and by stuff I mean FUN stuff like furniture and various geegaws picked up at the thrift shop. Walls, trim, and cabinets?? Not so much) I’ve bought the sandpaper and deglosser and primer and have read about a kajillion how-to articles on painting cabinetry and still my biggest fear is that we’ll go to all this work and Peanut will still be able to scratch the paint off with a lego…

      Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. Oh!!! Forgot to say that I am so clueless about painting that I had to ask the guy in Home Depot what we should paint first–the walls or the trim. And he said the trim. Yay–because I LOVE to paint trim ; )

    • I’m assuming when you said that you rolled your eyes and layed on a thick layer of sarcasm. Otherwise there is something very very wrong with you if you truly love to paint trim! OR…you’re on happy drugs in which case you need to share….:)

      • I’ve often lamented the lack of a sarcasm font. Good luck with both your projects! Hubs is finally (FINALLY) starting to clear a path into the storage bedroom and set up the used desk we bought! Cue happy dance!

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