An effort in effin’ futility….

Hubs and I seldom ever argue…

Or roll our eyes at each other in frustration…

Or flip each other off when one’s back is turned…

Unless it’s time to rearrange the furniture. And then all bets are off…

That looks dumb”

What if we move that over there?”

Nuh uh. I don’t like it. What do you think?”

Well do you HAVE to sit right there?? What if you sit here?”

**eye roll**

“I really want that here”

Well I think it sucks there”

It’s gay”

“You’re gay”


Can we move this here and that over there and then put the big ass honkin’ TV on this wall??”

We need a bigger living room”

We need smaller furniture”

Why the hell did we buy this sectional? I hate it”

You picked it out”

**Middle finger in air, eyes narrowed. Paint peeling off wall behind recipient’s head**

It’s fine. I like it”

“Oh f*ck it. Put this there and that here and my chair over yonder”

Isn’t that the way it was to begin with?”


And that, my friends is how you spend a blustery, blizzard-ey Sunday afternoon; moving living room furniture all around the room only to admit defeat and put it right back where it all was originally. Sitting in your same chair, starting at the same glare riddled TV while you watch the Soprano’s in uncomfortable silence….












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