I may circulate a petition to change the name of our little township…

‘Cuz I’m a hermit…(not the frog kind). I’ve voluntarily surrendered my Social Butterfly status…

her·mit  (hûrmt)


1. A person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence; a recluse.
2. A spiced cookie made with molasses, raisins, and nuts.

(Ok, did anyone know there was a cookie called a Hermit?? I didn’t….and while I may be nuts, I was referring to myself more as definition 1)

Proof: On December 27th I drove Captain America and Chef Vivi to the airport after they spent Christmas here, I needed to put gas in my truck before getting too far down the road and C.A. was quicker to jump out and shove his credit card in the gas pump than I was….I just finished that tank on Thursday (February 7). I don’t drive a hybrid that gets 50 mpg, I drive an SUV (albeit a little one). I live 8 miles from town, 10 from Hellmart…Does that give you an idea of how often I leave my house??

And sometimes that’s too often….

I could happily go weeks without seeing a soul other than my Hubs, & my Peanut. I have Netflix and about 87 unread books on my eReader and untold numbers of craft projects in various stages of completion to keep me entertained. Cabin fever is not something I suffer from….

Bambi-Lou took me out for face-to-face girl time the other day and I had a blast (Hello?? Coldstone ice cream for lunch!) poking through various thrift/junk/antique stores with her. Now I’m stocked up on Bambi time for a few more weeks…

I enjoy my solitude. I still shower and get dressed (including a bra…most days) in semi real clothes (yoga pants do too count) and do my hair (cuz I have 30 seconds to spare) just like I did when I had to get up and go to a j.o.b. Sometimes just for fun, I watch the neighborhood out my window Mrs. Kravitz style…

Interestingly, even though I have declared myself one, whenever I  hear the word Hermit that baudy limerick comes to mind….

There once was a hermit named Dave….(no caves or dead hookers around here)

I searched the interwebs for a cute hermit cartoon to share…when googling “hermit cartoons” I got pictures of crabs (the shelled kind not the crotch kind. Ew) and wise old guru type dudes sitting on mountain tops. Hmmmmm…..

It was a very disappointing 1 a.m. search…so you get this:









AND….not a single female hermit picture to be found via Google. Why is that, do you suppose? I think Google is stereotyping. We should sue the bastards!

I even looked on Pinterest, where I found many pictures of “Herman’s Hermits” whom I’d forgotten about (couldn’t name one song they did so they’re pretty much irrelevant in my book) and a bunch of tarot card stuff. I did find several pics of so-called hermit girls but I completely doubt their accuracy:












If she’s a hermit I’ll eat a worm…


You’re ever increasing anti-social agoraphobic misanthropic  reclusive introverted friend…



3 thoughts on “Hermitshireville…

  1. I’ve heard of hermit cookies but I’ve never had one. And I remember Herman’s Hermits! Okay, not from when they were originally singing…I was WAY too young to pay them any attention then! But I hear them now and again on the classic rock station I listen to.

    I know what you mean about being happy not seeing anyone but Hubs. He’s from a long line of gypsies and likes to be out and about. I work at a J.O.B. all week and would love to just hibernate all weekend. But somehow we work it out.

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