Sometimes the horse wins…

You’ve heard the old adage “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”…which of course means you cannot help someone who won’t lift a finger to help themselves. It kinda goes hand in hand with “A leopard can’t change his spots.” I’ve always believed that everyone is preordained to be the type of person they are on the inside be it gay or straight, driven to succeed or happy being in the middle, a loner or a joiner. We are who we are….

People can however learn to help themselves (or not) in their own good time. One can certainly change habits or acquire newer, better ones…stop using tobacco or alcohol, learn to eat healthier, stop being a slob, develop responsible spending habits, become prompt instead of always late, etc. If you choose to…

My fundamental nature is to be a nurturer. It’s both a blessing and a curse in that my need to help others doesn’t always coincide with their desire for help…I volunteer with out be asked, I dive into my self appointed task with dedication and perseverance. Subsequently I often end up disappointed and depressed when my efforts don’t yield the desired results. Does this deter me in any way from attempting the same thing over and over? Hell no….

So why do I do it? Because I have a controlling nature? Certainly. Because I truly love those I try to help? Without doubt. Do I need to knock it off? Yeppers…

For a time in my youth I spent every weekend possible volunteering at a public rent-a-horse riding stable. I was obsessed with being around horses, I was happiest when riding one. I know horses…and I’m here to tell ya they have incredibly strong necks so if they don’t want to take a drink of cool refreshing water, there’s no way in hell you can push/pull/bend that neck downward. What you will end up with instead is a butt load of frustration and thanks to all that tug of war, a sore body that feels like you got beat up…















I need to remember that people are the same…



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