Sometimes frugal is a dirty word….

No good can come from my owning a pair of electric dog grooming shears….



Why?? I’ll tell you why…because I experiment with cutting my own hair with them. The experiment went beautifully last month. This month???

Not so much….

It was all fine and dandy with the first pass of the clippers, until after I had showered and was sitting on the couch gloating at my own magnificence at having saved $25 bucks, I believe at one point in the text conversation with Chef Vivi I made the statement “I mean, how hard can it be? You put the guard on the clippers so it can’t cut it too short….”  As I was talking (typing) I kept running my hands through my hair, and then I’m thinking: OH MY, what’s that I feel, is that a section that’s longer than the rest???? Well, that certainly won’t do….

And that’s when I heard laughter in my head….

It was Karma, laughing hysterically. I believe I even heard a snort….

In the subsequent 3 (ok 7. OK 11 and counting. SHUT UP) attempts to even it out, I ended up with….well…………not effin‘ much to worry about….





























I am not exaggerating when I say it’s about a half inch long at the crown….but only in SOME spots….

In my defense, let me say that saving a buck wasn’t my only motivation here; since beginning full time day care for Peanut it’s hard to schedule an appointment with my much adored hair-cutter-stylist-girl. Peanut’s Mom only gets her schedule a week in advance and the hair chick books up quick…..



The upside here is that since I’m already a hermit and rarely seen by GenPop anyway, my scalp won’t be viewed by many! I’ve shrugged and laughed every time I walk into the bathroom and spy myself in the mirror, and wondered “Jeepers look at all that gray silver ARCTIC BLONDE. Maybe I should color it.” And that my friends is the downside to cutting my hair so short; makes all the hairs NOT THE COLOR OF MY YOUTH stand out…



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