Honeycombs and yogurt…

I made my own yogurt!

It was easy, albeit time consuming, and totally worth it!

It’s fabulously yummy, but don’t take MY word for it:







Anything worth covering oneself in must be super tasty, don’t you agree??

I shared Avery’s rave review with her Auntie Vivi, and the fact that my yogurt apparently makes a wonderful dip for Honeycomb Cereal…Spermy Auntie thought that suggestion sounded delectable at which time I congratulated her on sharing a brain with a 1 year old…:)

Here’s the recipe/instructions:


  •  1 gallon milk (any fat content, I used 2%)
  • 1 6 oz container GOOD quality Greek yogurt  with live cultures (for “starter”)
  • ¾ cup Sugar
  •  2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 4 sterilized quart jars with lids plus 1 pint jar with lid
  • Large cooler, pre-warmed by filling with hot water before starting yogurt.
  1. Pour milk into large pot, heat over medium heat until milk reaches 180 degrees. DO NOT BOIL. Stir frequently. When milk reaches temp, turn heat down and continue cooking, maintaining 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
  2. While milk is heating, stopper one side of the sink and fill halfway with ice. After cooking the milk as directed, transfer pot to ice filled sink, add water to sink. (If water warms, drain and refill with cold water and more ice. Mine didn’t, it cooled quickly and I had a sink full of ice left over). Cool milk to 120 degrees.
  3. When 120 degrees is reached, ladle out about a cup of milk into a bowl, stir in starter yogurt until thoroughly mixed, add back into milk. Add sugar and vanilla, mix thoroughly.
  4. Pour into sterilized jars, skim off any bubbles, and tighten lids.
  5. With cooler in bathtub, empty warming water and put jars inside cooler. Cover with hot water (approx. 120 degree) to jar rim.
  6. Close cooler and let sit for about 12 hours (or overnight) undisturbed. (the original instruction said to incubate for 8-10 hours, that’s what I did on my first batch. The yogurt was pretty thin so I strained it to make it “Greek”. The 2nd batch I left alone in the cooler for about 20 hours and it’s much thicker, no straining needed!)
  7. Remove jars to refrigerator and let cool over night before opening.
  8. Unopened jars of Yogurt will keep 4 weeks in fridge. Once opened the yogurt is good for 1-2 weeks.

TIP: To flavor yogurt, add honey, mashed ripe fruit or jam to individual servings. I got the instructions etc from this handy Blog which features lots of money saving tips!

The flavor is so good! Not too sweet, this morning I mixed in a spoonful of my Rosemary Apple jelly along with some Grape-nuts and it was DIVINE! Bonus: IT’S SUPER CHEAP TO MAKE! Compared to the cost of yogurt, dirt cheap! (Roughly $5 bucks to make 4+ quarts which is equal to about 24+ 6 oz containers of store bought. You do the math, around here the cheapest I can find Yoplait without a good sale is .50 each at Walmart.)





2 thoughts on “Honeycombs and yogurt…

  1. Yummo! I LOVE vanilla yogurt! I have to try this! 😀

    P.S. Thanks for the head’s up about your “foggy” brain – it’s good to know you’re alive and well, even if you’re a little mushy smush.

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