**UPDATE** IT’S HERE, ITS HERE!! Winter Storm is HERE!! Whoot!!

Carry on….:)














It certainly is!

We’ve got a winter storm brewing, it’s predicted to dump a butt-ton of snow on us today/tonight! I’m gonna be real disappointed if it peters out and we don’t get said predicted snow….I LIKE SNOW IN THE WINTER. Sue me… 🙂  It’s one of the many reasons we moved waaaayyyy up North from Florida, because I missed snow!

Anyhoo, it’s Friday and I have no Peanut today. Since she took a good long nap yesterday I was able to get all of my much neglected house cleaned, so today…..I ain’t doin’ much of nothin’….I’m gonna sit right here, maybe do some baking and watch it snow. I may give my pitifully scaly dinosaur-like feet a pedicure….I may not. I’m ok with this indecision!









Y’all have a wonderfully fabulous week-end!


3 thoughts on “Yeppers….

  1. Yay Friday! You must be getting the snow we had yesterday … no seriously, there were four or five flakes! 😀

    I actually watched it snow out the window across from my desk at work. I think the only reason it was still snow was because of how high up we are on the 27th floor. By the time it got to the sidewalk I’m sure it was rain.

    I hope you get good snow Grammy! I prefer to look at it from inside where I can stay warm and cozy but you have at it! Have a great weekend!

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