Out with the old, etc….

Buh Bye 2012, you were an interesting year to say the least….

A bit of a roller coaster ride….

Not all bad certainly….

Some of you made sweet, perfect memories…

I spent the last night of 2012 here at home, happily watching Avery sit on her Poppa’s lap while he read her a book or twelve. I rocked her to sleep, kissed her little head and tucked her in, watching her snuggle down into her covers and find her comfy spot. I can’t imagine a better way to have spent it….

Here’s the main thing I think I learned from the last year; you CAN do more with LESS when you put your mind to it. Having had 2 incomes for the first 6 months of 2012, and down to 1 during the last half of the year I can testify to the fact that living frugally can be (mostly) painless if you’re dedicated to it. I honestly cannot tell you where the money I brought home every year for the past few went. Seriously….I’ve no clue. We’ve never been ones to eat out more than once, maybe twice a month. I rarely shopped for clothes or shoes or handbags and when I did it was usually at Target. I’m not a name brand, expensive label kinda girl. We didn’t take expensive vacations. Our home is modest. I certainly wasn’t staying up late at night buying any and every thing offered on QVC….

I didn’t shop grocery sales and you wouldn’t catch me dead at Wal-mart shopping for groceries. So where’d all that money go?? We really haven’t changed much since I retired in terms of non-essential purchases. I do buy my groceries at the dreaded Wal-mart now (the key is getting there super early in the morning if you want to avoid going to jail for ramming dumb-asses with your cart). I stick to a grocery budget (if it ain’t on the list, it ain’t going in the cart) and I do occasionally make them price match. I don’t head to the craft stores on a whim during my lunch break and drop $150 bucks….I make my own cleaning products now. Honestly, those are my only big changes. It’s funny how unimportant things become when they don’t fit into your budget.

The other big lesson learned this past year is that sometimes venting or expressing my feelings about personal issues via the blog isn’t always fair to the other people in my life who aren’t able to tell you their side (to which I say, get your own blog! It’s great therapy) I have no regrets other than unintentionally hurting others feelings. And for that I’ve apologized ad nauseum, so no more in 2013.

So what are my hopes for the new year? I dunno….peace on earth?? Win the lotto?? Yes, and yes but not holding my breath for either one. My only resolution is to actually make some stuff out of the ginormous pile of pallets I drug home 6 months ago. And that one’s iffy….


See? Like this…How cool would this be in the yard?? Very.












I refuse to fall (yet again) into the “lose weight-eat better-exercise more” trap because we all know that would just be a big fat lie so why bother? I’m not motivated enough to diet, I hate to exercise (especially since our Wii died and got replace with an Xbox kinect system, who’s yoga sucks and I HATE IT. I miss the Wii). All of my favorite stuff to cook/eat are not necessarily healthy and I’m also not motivated to change that either right now….

I’m happy, I’m content and I’d just like for that to continue. How’s that for a New Year’s wish??

I’ll take it…

And a puppy….I might need a puppy…



4 thoughts on “Out with the old, etc….

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Grammy. I hope 2013 is a happy and successful year for you. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on 2012. We have been living on one salary for the past six years since my triplets were born, and I think it is well worth the sacrifice of having to do some shopping in Walmart, to be home with my kids. Like you, I refuse to start off the New Year with some unobtainable resolution I know I will not keep. My resolution this year is no resolutions. All the best,

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