I couldn’t make this sh*t up…

A pompous ass in China has sued his wife because according to him their baby girl is “ugly” and since he believes both himself and his wife to be beautiful, that must mean she had an affair that resulted in a daughter so ugly it “horrifies” him (that’s a direct quote)…


I read about it right here.

What a jerk….

Does this mean I coulda sued my Ex every time my kids did something stupid??

Food for thought, eh??

Guess who doesn’t have an ugly baby? Yup, you guessed it!


Does this remind anyone else of “Ralphie’s” little brother??

















P.S….Seattle Babies made it home before midnight Wednesday, yay!

2 thoughts on “I couldn’t make this sh*t up…

  1. Yay! Glad they made it home safe and sound. And yes, Peanut bears a striking resemblance! Was she having fun? It’s kind of hard to tell if she’s enjoying herself and I know how much I hate being cold – brr!

    • She was not a fan of the whole getting bundled up process, pretty much lost all patience by the time I got to the boots….once outside she was ok on the sidewalk where Poppa had shoveled earlier (so only about an inch of new snow remained), she played with the snow on the shrubs and ground lights. Once she stepped off the sidewalk into the deeper snow, she fell and couldn’t get up with all those layers so by the 3rd time she was OVER IT! It was super cold out so we only stayed about 10 minutes….I think the jury is still out as to whether she likes snow or not!

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