Peanut conquers Captain America…

Fire me….

I forgot my camera when I went to pick the Seattle Babies up from the airport.

I know….

The day went something like this: Unable to sleep, crazed with excitement I awoke before the Butt-crack of dawn yesterday. I texted Vivi and received the happy news that they were standing in the check-in line at the Seattle/Tacoma airport for their early morning flight home, expected arrival to Mama: 1:15 p.m…..

Approximately a half hour later I get a follow up text. Informing me that their 6 a.m. flight has been cancelled and they are now booked on a 9 a.m. flight. Why you ask?? Cuz the friggin crew didn’t show up. For real. That was the lame ass excuse offered up by the airline….new estimated time of arrival to now slightly pissed off Mama: 4:30 p.m.


So we chat a bit in an effort to keep boredom from setting in and as I’m simultaneously facebooking I see a post from my Niece in Denver saying “YAY! Snowing!!”….In Denver….where the kids are flying into before making a connecting flight to Rapid City….Soon after I get this update from Vivi: “Flight delayed until 9:40 a.m. due to air traffic back ups above Denver airport. Good news? Arrival time here is not affected….


At 10:20 a.m. I receive this text: “Boarding!”….finally. Next text is “In Denver!” at 1:24 p.m…..connecting flight departure time 3:50 p.m.

So around 3ish I head to town to pick up Peanut  from daycare because there’s no way I can go pick up her Auntie and Unca without her! I swear to God as I’m pulling out of the parking lot I get this text: “Flights been delayed until 4:17 p.m.” …CRAP. I decide that in that case I have time to run an errand before heading to the airport….I’m almost to the airport when I get an update “Flight now delayed until 4:30″….

I figure, well…..Peanut and I will just entertain ourselves a little longer. It’ll be ok…..arrival time now 5:30ish. Peanut’s Mommy gets off work and gets to the airport to find her Daughter charming the pants off all the other people stuck waiting for this flight from Denver as well as passengers trying to get to Denver who’s flights are delayed…2 different Grandpa-type gentlemen have given chocolate candy to the Baby in the white sweater (clearly Grandpa’s haven’t a clue how much a one year old drools when they eat. Candy went into Grammy’s diaper bag unbeknownst to Baby). Soon after we hear an announcement saying “For those of you waiting on the arrival of United flight blah blah blah from Denver that plane is now in the air and is estimated to be arriving at 5:47″….


They finally arrive, Peanut completely bypasses her Auntie and heads straight to her Unca whom she’s not seen since she was 6 weeks old, little chubby arms stretched upward to him. He picks her up, she wraps her arms around his neck, lays her head on his shoulder where she remains for quite some time. Unca is putty in her tiny little hands…

As he should be…

Poor Auntie was chopped liver for a while….maybe Peanut will make it up to her today!


Baby-tushy-in-jammies….YOU’RE WELCOME!



















2 thoughts on “Peanut conquers Captain America…

  1. Oh my, that made me all teary! I’m so glad they’ve arrived safely. Enjoy your visit Lori, and yes – thank you for that cute tushy shot!

    And to all a good night!

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