Something’s just missin’….

The best thing I’ve gained from writing a blog is new friends…

Everyday I’d go read their newest posts, leave goofy (or supportive) comments and they’d visit mine and do the same. It was fun, hell sometimes it was the highlight of my day. It felt like I’d found my own version of the “Ya-Ya Sisterhood”.

The past few months however have not been kind to a couple of my Ya-Ya’s and they’ve pretty much stopped writing, and visiting. I miss them….I worry about them…and think of them daily.

I hope the Holidays are kind to them, I really hope life starts being kind to them…

Y’all did such a bang-up job sending prayers/happy thoughts/magic get well juju for my Captain America that I’m hoping you’ll do the same for my Ya-Ya’s. In return, if there is anyone in your life who could use another prayer offered up on their behalf just let me know, I’ll be on it.

Here’s my latest offering of Christmas cheer to (hopefully) put a smile on y’alls face:
















My fridge is stocked, the house is clean, dogs are groomed and smelling good, there’s fresh linens on the spare bed….I’m as ready as I can be for my Seattle Babies to get here, and IMPATIENTLY WAITING! Just a few more hours….



4 thoughts on “Something’s just missin’….

  1. I’m sorry, sweetheart. I know it’s been hard on both of us. I did find myself thinking about re-starting the other day, though….so it’s on my mind again. I’ll pray for your ya-ya’s, and your family, and I AM reading….just not much more yet.
    Love you, and so glad your kids are on the way!

  2. I miss the other Ya-Yas too! I’ll be praying as well. Enjoy your family visit my friend; you deserve some good stuff too! πŸ˜‰ GIve that cutie pie baby a hug from Bubbe!

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