1. Captain America was released from the hospital Saturday evening and today was cleared for travel by his Dr!! YIPPEE! This makes me giddy!

2. Remember this panic attack?? Well I’M DONE! All gifts made, all stocking stuffers purchased, all gifts wrapped, all holiday baking finished! Cuz dammit, I ROCK…

3. I finally kicked the cold bug’s ass…(for the most part) but now I’m afraid Hubs is getting it which means I’ll have it back in a week or so….

4. I think my stalker is dead. Haven’t seen or heard her in weeks, she might have gotten hit by a car (not mine, I SWEAR) as she had started chasing them. I’m not kidding…the damn turkey was running after cars like she was gonna attack them on Halloween, Hubs witnessed it. I wouldn’t lie bout such a thing….embellish? Yes, but not lie.

5. In case you need reminding, our Peanut is cuter than ever. And to prove it, every post between now and Christmas will feature a Santa Baby Peanut picture!

Here’s today’s:



And now I have to go get the spare bedroom ready for the Kids arrival day after tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Update(S)

  1. Yahoo! So glad Dan is better and cleared for take off! And yes ma’am you DO rock!

    Peanut makes a cute Santa Baby and I can’t wait to see more pics. This one is fabulous with that glorious tree and her eyes so big!

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