Captain America’s lost shield…

My beloved Son-in-law, Captain America has been in a Naval hospital for a few days…

When Vivi first coerced him into going to the ER Wednesday evening, they thought he had appendicitis. Tests disagreed; but did show he had a severe intestinal infection and began pumping him full of antibiotics. Further testing showed a much more puzzling and concerning issue; a large air bubble trapped in between 2 layers of muscle in his colon.

His Doctor’s were a bit confounded, and closely monitored him for the ensuing days, watching to see if the air bubble moved or dissipated and planning a strategy for it’s removal if it remained unchanged.

After 36 hours of no food or liquids other than ice chips, his Doctor, encouraged by his improvement gave the OK for him to begin clear liquids (broth etc). With luck and continued improvement he’ll get to come home today. Whether he’ll be cleared to travel in the next few days remains to be determined on Monday…

I’m asking all my blog Peeps to say a prayer, send good juju, do a happy recovery dance, whatever you can think of  for him to fully recover and be able to come home for Christmas. I can’t imagine celebrating the Holidays without him….And I really just want to hug him…

In the wake of recent mindless, senseless tragedies around our country, let’s all hug our loved ones and tell them just how much they mean to us. I’m still trying to process what happened in Connecticut….having a hard time wrapping my head around the deaths of all those sweet, innocent little ones….

I pray for us all….this kind of savage violence has to end somehow….

Love Y’all….



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