No fanfare…

My girl is now officially a Chef…

And a college graduate…

Chef Vivi has earned her degree in Technical Arts from the Culinary Arts Institute at Olympic College!

First day of Culinary School!

First day of Culinary School!













No fanfare, no Pomp and Circumstance, no big announcements made, no lavish parties, no cap and gown as the College doesn’t do a December graduation ceremony, December Grads walk in May and she’ll be in Guam by then…

It took her awhile to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up but once she made up her mind there was no stopping her; long days starting before dawn, weekends spent volunteering to help her Chef/Professor at events he was catering just to get the experience, a lot of hard work and dedication…And I could not possibly be more proud of her!

She humbly says “its no big deal”….But here’s the thing: IT’S A BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL TO ME! My Baby made a plan and stuck to it with nose-to-the-grindstone determination and that is a big deal in my book….

This was her 2nd foray into the collegiate world, she went to college right out of high school wayyyyyy back in 2002, then took a break and decided to serve her country for 4 years. The Navy was good for her, it made her stronger and gave her the tools she needed to buckle down and finish the 2nd time around…

Her degree was 10 years in the making, hard won, and well deserved…

I love you BabyGirl, you have (once again) made me one proud Mama!



















9 thoughts on “No fanfare…

  1. Yay Vivi! And your mom is right, it IS a big friggin’ deal when you set a goal and let nothing get in the way of reaching that goal! Congrats sweet girl!

    And congrats Mama – you done raised up a strong, smart woman!

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