Guam. It’s a nice place to visit, but it’ll cost ya…


Captain America is moving to Guam and he’s taking Chef Vivi with him.

Cuz the US Navy says to….

For 2 years. TWO DAMN YEARS.

Ugh. Also, Oy.

I’ve known for a week or so and had to have a squally bawl-bag meltdown upon first getting the news…then I calmed to the sniffley stage….finally resignation set in….

It’s gonna suck, there is no doubt about it. BUT. I survived a 3 year overseas deployment when Vivi was enlisted so I can handle 2 years (provided they don’t get another overseas duty station after Guam in which case I’ll have to kill someone). But geeshey Pete’s air fare overseas is EXPENSIVE….Me and the Hubs will have to eat ram-en noodles for half the year to afford a trip to see our Eldest. This is where the OY part comes in.

The other perk to spending a years salary (Hubs, not mine. Clearly, cuz I don’t have one) in order to visit the Kid is the 20 some odd hours spent cramped up in an airplane seat in the coach section (cuz who the hell can afford business class, much less 1st???) with my wonky back and Hubs bum knee(s). And this is where the UGH part comes in.

The only upside to all this is that my BRILLIANT AND PERSUASIVE Daughter has coerced her GENEROUS AND COOPERATIVE Husband into agreeing to fly her back home every Summer and the both of them at Christmas time. So I’ll still, in reality, see her just as often as I have the 2 years they’ve been in Washington. There’s just something about knowing she’s 859,567,653 miles away from Momma as opposed to 1200 that is a bit disconcerting to said Momma.

Here’s the other thing that I’m uber concerned about: How the hell am I going to hop on a plane when Vivi someday goes into labor with my Grandbaby??? (hypothetically, no buns in any ovens yet but they’re trying) Baby will be WALKING before Grammy gets to hold him…..OY AND UGH. Also, crap.

Ok. On a more positive note, it’s beautiful there so plenty of photo ops when I do get to go visit (cuz I won the lotto). Gorgeous, tropical, lots of history and the associated ruins, a lot of recreational stuff to do there, duty free shopping and a large number of nice rental properties available for military personnel. How do I know all this?? I effin Googled it…

See? Beautiful white sand beaches….


And, since Dan has lived there before it won’t be totally unfamiliar territory…there are some interesting Locals:

Vivi met this one when she visited Dan there before they got engaged….

It’s a romantic island location, so perfect for sorta-newlyweds:

See? Totally romantical and perfect for Grandbaby making…











And Vivi does love the ocean…

So I expect many, many “Happy girl on the beach” pictures…


We can Skype, and that’ll hold me over until I get to see her getting off the plane at the Rapid City airport…

Somebody hug me, quick.



5 thoughts on “Guam. It’s a nice place to visit, but it’ll cost ya…

  1. She’ll get that “Mama Hen” thing once the grandbaby is here 😉 And it WILL be okay, but I completely understand too. Lots and lots of virtual hugs continuing your way Grammy! xoxo

  2. My baby sister lived in Puerto Rico. My mom was flying down there every three months. Now she’s in San Diego. And my mom is still flying every three months! My son and I went out last summer and my sis does come home every summer…but still, it sucks. And she’s not even my baby-baby! So, I can just imagine how you feel! ((HUGS)) And I’ll be hoping it goes super-duper-speedy-quick. Not to wish time away, but just so she’s back home! 😉

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