Update on The Great Moving Debate 2012….

We ain’t moving…..

Also, we ain’t renovating….

The first, because turns out that after paying realtor commissions and taxes and seller’s fees etc that Realtor lady would make more off our house than we would. Screw that. It’s not like we need to move, or downsize or whatever right at this moment. So we’re not….

The second, because we will eventually move in a few years so why spend all that moolah to renovate? We’ll do just enough to spruce up the place when we do decide to sell and that’s it.

Redecorating however, is another story. I’ve kinda got the itch to resurface my kitchen cabinets, replace the carpet with hardwood and put up wainscoting/crown moulding in the living areas….

So there you have it, the Great Moving Debate of 2012 has been settled…for 2012. I reserve the right to bring it up again in 2013. Or 2014. Or whenever I dang well feel like it! We refinanced the house back in April for a ridiculously low interest rate (3.75%) so we’ll just keep paying down the principle and praying that we win the lotto in the meantime, making all  this MOOT….Course, that would have been better before that other bastard won the big PowerBall last weekend.


I’ll close with this happy thought:

I totally picture this little guy in the Seattle area, eh Bubbe??











You’re welcome!



7 thoughts on “Update on The Great Moving Debate 2012….

  1. Ha! His (her?) disgruntled look definitely says Seattle weather these days! See what I did there? DISgruntled! LOL! I kill me!

    Love the rain boots though! Have you seen all the cool new galoshes people are wearing these days? Basic black is still around but greatly outnumbered by bright colors and patterns. I find it cheery when the days are so gray. Thanks for the grin!

      • I’d love to wear some of those if I could find some big enough and that wouldn’t hurt my feet. Sigh. I still get to enjoy them vicariously though so it’s all good.

  2. Oh.my.gawsh! That little piglet is adorable!

    At first I thought you might have gotten a pet! lol!

    Congrats on making a decision. We’ve been there: to move or not move. We did the renovating thing though. Ended up adding on a 8×10 closet for moi! That was 10 years ago. Now we need new carpet or hardwood floors. And fresh paint. And I hate my baseboards. And…

    Well, you get the picture. Always some crap to do when you own a house.

    I have 2 1/2 years until my youngest graduates, then I want to build on some land. Out in the middle of no-where. I don’t want neighbors with their yippie dogs. Got one of my own now. Damn Berra. She thinks she’s the neighborhood watch-dog!

    Hope you have fun with your renovating…and we wants LOTS of pics!!


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