All hail the Queen…

This weekend I declared myself “The Friggin’ Queen of all the Crafts”…

So there.

I’ve had some of my Christmas decor for 20 some-odd years, (a few things closer to 30) and frankly I’m sick of some of it! So I left quite a bit of our traditional decorations in the boxes (about 80 percent of my MASSIVE Hallmark ornament collection for instance. That’s sacrilege y’all but I’m tired of them for awhile) and bought the stuff to fashion some new Santa time decor. So it still looks like elves threw up all over my house, they just threw up new stuff!

Me likey….

I already showed y’all some of the ornaments I’ve made this year, but here’s a couple more I’ve done…

Felt rosettes…

Peanut had her hand in this one! Bahahahaha!! I crack myself up….

And then I made a bunch of other stuff, mostly to hang on the walls….
















Or doors as it were…


The stockings were made last year, but the stocking holder is a new addition! I kinda love it….

I found these little iridescent, sparkly snowflakes in a bunch of different sizes at the Dollar Tree, I’ve been gluing them to EVERYTHING. Frikkin dogs better watch out, they may very well be next….

I will not even tell y’all the ever-loving mess I made out of that piece of wood when I tried to cut it but suffice it to say it was BAD. I was told by Hubs when I made him fix it that I was using the wrong tool for the job….I was using the little circular saw I got for my birthday and apparently I should have used his big honkin’ table saw, the one I refuse to get close to cuz it scares the bejeebus outta me…..that’s why I have HIM, to fix my poorly cut slabs of wood!

See? Snowflakes….














No snowflakes on this because frankly, Chevy is perfection without them…He was my favorite new thing I made this year until I found some OLD Christmas postcards at the junk store this morning and made this:


I already had the old frame that I’d picked up at Goodwill or somewhere, I just painted the corners pieces to match the muted colors in the cards. They are dated 1914, 1913 and 1910. I framed them between 2 pieces of glass so the backs can still be viewed. I adore them….I was so excited to take a picture that I didn’t even wait until it was hanging on the wall, so excuse the shambles that make up my craft room work table!

They were a $1 apiece….and I may not take it down after the holidays!!

I went a’ junkin’ this morning hoping to find an old doll cradle to go with the Swaddle Baby I made for one of Peanut’s gifts. I was successful! Love it when that happens…


But it was sad….(again, look past the mess that is my outside work bench that is still covered with sawdust and shavings from the stocking hanger project plus a myriad of paint colors)

Very, very sad. But it’s about to get HAPPY! The junk store lady dated it at around the ’50’s, it had a very worn out bottom piece that loose and cracked and the vinyl lining was pitiful. So I offered her $4.00 and brought it home. I cut a new wood piece for the bottom, (with my little circular saw. Because I ROCK on cutting small things with it) and painted EVERYTHING. I made a new liner out of a piece of antique fabric leftover from my Grandma’s quilt and a new pillow out of an old piece of lace I had from God knows where…my fabric stash is wide, varied and eclectic!


TADA!! And because I can’t ever give anything a new coat of paint and let it just look new, I distressed it a little…

















Swaddle baby looks comfy in there, huh? She was kinda fun to make even though I can’t sew worth a damn, it helped that I had really good instructions. I think Peanut will dig her! She’s really into carrying around “babies” and hugging them up to her chest and rocking them. It’s the cutest friggin’ thing in the universe….

Speaking of Peanut, I found a random pic from a couple weeks ago that I failed to share…I know, I’m fired…















I don’t think I’ll have any more craftiness to share until after Christmas when I can show y’all the rest of the DIY gifts I’ve made for the older kids and the Hubs. I have one more small, simple thing to make and then I am officially done! I procrastinated like hell, but once I got motivated I cranked them out like a crazy woman!

My Seattle Kids will be here on the 19th and I’m so excited I can’t stand it!! Maybe I’ll post some of the Christmas treat goodie recipes that Chef Vivi and I make….



2 thoughts on “All hail the Queen…

  1. [groveling on knees]: I’m not worthy! You ARE the queen!

    I can’t figure out what I love best – seriously! I really, really like the wall hanging with the holiday wishes and snowflakes (that’s probably the only one I could safely attempt!). But I love the stocking hanger too! Especially the Dear Santa…! And Chevy!! How perfect was he?

    Okay, okay. I think my very favorite is the postcard arrangement – so lovely and yes you CAN leave it up; it’s wonderful! Not that you need my permission or anything; just sayin’ it’s not so holiday-esque that it would be out of place in April – or ever.

    And I adore the button Christmas tree; you are so clever!!

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