Self portraits…

Gram and Peanut style…
























Our Baby has a cold (AGAIN) so she wasn’t feeling the best in the world so we did a lot of snugglin’, which I don’t mind but I wish she felt better. Still, any time spent with Avery is so, so, very sweet and I’ll take what I can get.

She also has her first self inflicted owie on her chin (it required a band-aid and EVERYTHING)…

We have some conflict and some sadness and a whole lot of worry in our family at the moment, y’all send prayers and happy thoughts and peaceful juju for us, OK?

I leave you with the piece de resistance of Grammy/Peanut self portraits:













You’re welcome!


7 thoughts on “Self portraits…

  1. Oh you two are adorable! I love the hats! And Avery’s polka dot flower is sweet. Prayers continue to flow your way my dear friend, along with lots and lots of hugs! Hang in there, and remember to take care of yourself too! Love you.

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