Revenge has a name. It’s Peanut…

I’ve made no secret that my dogs are assholes, it’s been well documented here….

Today I got my revenge, and it was SUH-WEET!

“Mom?? Wait…wha??”

“Ummmm no touching me with those sticky baby hands. Nuh uh”….

“MOMMMMM! DO SOMETHING!!” S.t.o.p. laughing….

Ya know how I rescued her?? Pushed her fat ass off the couch, onto the floor. Where the baby was!  Mwah ha ha! She’s not supposed to be up there in the first place. Only thing that saved her from a thorough Peanut mauling is the fact that she’s fast with the get a way….

As Pug hid behind the couch and refused to come out, My BRILLIANT Granddaughter turned her attention to the other one….

Is it just me or does her wood peg look like a stogey?

“Mom? Mom?….Ok, I’ll play dead.”



“Oh sure, kick me in the face as you dismount…”

He came to cower by me, thinking I’d save him….

Not a chance Sucker.











All she wanted was to give you a hug….and pull your hair a little. Don’t you feel like an Ass now??

Totally had it coming, both of ya.


2 thoughts on “Revenge has a name. It’s Peanut…

  1. Love this! Some of my favorite pictures of our grandkids are taken rolling around playing with our dogs. And yes indeed it looks like Peanut is starting early on the ceegars! Cutie patootie!

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