Looking a little bit like Christmas…

We had shenanigans here on Sunday!

I hosted an ornament making party for Moms and kids….and Grammys. We had some success, and one colossal failure which was pretty much my fault. One of the many ornament types we wanted to attempt was the classic salt dough/cookie cutter ornament. I made the dough, helped the kids cut out their shapes and then baked the things per the directions. They came out of the oven looking marvelous, and then crumbled at some point during the painting process. No one cried over their ruined masterpieces, Thank God. Ok….I might have gotten a little teary.

We made button ornaments:










And paint brush ornaments:










The only 2 dough ornaments that survived long enough to get their pictures taken:






Peanut painted one too!









We also made Santa’s belly ornaments!








I’m a failure as a photographer as there was a really cute ornament covered in felt rosettes that I totally forgot to take a picture of but trust me, it was super cute! We also tried the “dribble paint INSIDE the glass” ornament which turned out looking like a hot mess and everyone refused to let me get a picture…party poopers!

All in all, everyone had fun and left with some treasures for The Tree. I was exhausted afterward and fell into a stupor in front of the TV….

On a different note, Hubs and I bought a new bed and of course I had to have new bedding for it…duhhh. And new bedding means new decor to go with it, right???


Remember the beside lamps I painted red this summer?? Yeahhhhh….












These pics were taken about 3 years apart, I did NOT repaint the walls, only the “headboard” on the wall above the bed.  THE WALLS ARE NOT DIRTY! Nor do we smoke…The pics were taken with two different cameras though, maybe that’s it. Weird….

















The room may or may not stay the same for an extended length of time. I make no promises!



6 thoughts on “Looking a little bit like Christmas…

  1. Love the party idea and those look wonderful! I really like the Santa’s belly ornaments!

    Plus your bedroom looks amazing! I love the “headboard” message; so sweet.

  2. What a great idea for a day of shenanigans. I’m hoping Santa loves Irish girls this Christmas. This one has her eye on a Cuisinart food processor, so fingers crossed I’ve been good enough.
    Sorry to hear the cookie ornaments crumbled, but everything else looks fantastic. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. My mamaw used to make the styrofoam ball with sequins pinned to it ornaments. She’d let me pick out the sequins but wouldn’t let me have anything to do with the pins. Possibly because at that age I ate everything.
    She never counted the sequins and later I had very festive poops.

    I love that buttony one that looks like an exploding star. 🙂

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