This is some of the weird shit I read on Yahoo one morning while enjoying my coffee and procrastinating the construction of handmade Christmas gifts…. ( I did get one gift completed, go me!)

The only thing that would have made this story creepier for me was if there was also a bird infestation….

This Gal shoulda just moved to Texas instead of running her Hubs down with the car because he voted Democrat…

The part about this story that cracks me up is not that Texas is serious about seceding, but that a petition to regulate Internet porn has gotten so few signatures…well duh. Having formerly worked for an IT company who’s Network technicians removed A LOT of viruses from corporate owned computers  caused by employees surfing porn sites while at work, I coulda told those petition peeps they were wasting their time! The running joke in our office whenever someone had a computer virus was “Yep, surfing porn again”….

This article made me feel kinda dumb as I’ve never heard of the winning word or the runner up word….Clearly I lead a sheltered life.

And finally, this:

I could power my entire neighborhood BECAUSE I PEE EVERY 5 MINUTES.

The reason they have to wait to be seated is cuz I’m in there….a lot. In my misspent youth I had a bladder the size of a 5 gallon bucket, now it’s a thimble….*sigh*….



One thought on “Bizzaro

  1. I heard the GIF story one morning last week on the radio. I thought they were saying “gift” at first. That would have made more sense and been a nicer reflection on humanity wouldn’t it? The snakes gave me the heeby jeebies! I’m with Indy, I hate snakes! Unless they’re behind glass at the zoo.

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