This makes me smile…

It renews my faith in teenagers…and that’s kinda a miracle considering my faith in anything resembling goodness in the GenPop was sorely tested just days ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know a few really terrific teenagers personally. But I keep reading about the horrible, nasty things that teenagers do to one another and it makes me sad, also scares the shit out of me and then pisses me off when I think about rotten kids doing that kinda stuff to Peanut. Over my dead friggin’ body is all I have to say about that.

When I ran across this article, I was totally impressed by the young’uns involved….

The Story is about a group of football playing high school jocks who have adopted a fellow student with special needs who was catching hell from some of her asshole peers…They walk her to class, eat lunch with her, look out for her. She calls them “her Boys”….it’s such a heartwarming story!

Chy Johnson with quarterback Carson Jones. Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post







It also reminds me of a certain Daughter of mine (the Chef) who enlisted, cajoled, and coerced similar help from her football jock buddy’s at her High School when she graduated so that her baby sister (Avery’s Mom) who was shy and a little socially inept would be taken care of without the protection of Big Sister…..true story that also makes me smile….

It’s the kind of story that makes me believe not ALL teenagers are selfish evil asshats…



4 thoughts on “This makes me smile…

  1. Bravo! It does do my heart good to see young people who have real values and live them. What a wonderful story of friendship and helping change things for the better!

    Awhile back I came home to the park and ride to find a note on my car from a teenaged girl who had hit it! I was so surprised and very pleased – more because it was clear she’d been taught to do the right thing. It IS good to know they’re not all asshats!

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