Well slap my ass and call me crazy…

Alternate title “Senility is a bitch”….

Take your pick….

I’m not really a coffee snob, I just like the way my coffee tastes when I use a french press. It might be time to rethink that however….

Because this morning I had a little mishap…it was the french press rendition of not putting the pot under the drippy thing on a coffee maker. We’ve all done it…..

Ok, I’VE DONE IT. More than once….but never before with my press. Let me explain how a french press works for those of you who are unfamiliar.

See? The glass carafe goes inside the super spotty stainless holder/warmer thing for 2 good reasons; A) the glass thing is hard as hell to pick up when full of hot water because it gets HOT and it’s slippery and B) the hot water will not stay inside the stainless steel holder because of the big viewing hole in the side and….


This is self explanatory….If you put the coffee in BEFORE inserting the carafe into the holder it makes a big mess. Not what you want early in the morning when you’re Jonesing for java in order to function as a human.

Duh….and then you get to clean it before you can start over the proper way…

The upside to this situation?? I realized the error of my ways before I added the hot water. Go me.














So you let the coffee marinate in the hot water  for a minute while you try to remember your name, then you push the little plunger thing down and it separates the coffee grounds from the Nectar of the Gods. Easy Peasy for folks with a fully functioning brain…

In the end your senile old ass gets what it needs, and can sit down in a comfy chair with a fantastic cuppa java and contemplate life in a retirement home free of complications, scalding hot water and sharp objects….




4 thoughts on “Well slap my ass and call me crazy…

  1. On the bright side, you were functioning well enough to take excellent photos of the debacle and then post them for our amusement! Go YOU double! 😀

  2. Your visuals are too funny!

    I hate when I make a mess making coffee in the morning. I think I might have fixed that with a Keurig. It’s so simple, I can do it blind…which I am early in the morning, with dogs running between my legs.

    One day, I’ll have to try this french press thing because you said it’s YUMMY coffee.

    Have a great weekend!


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