Miss Peanut gets her PARTY on!

If any of my Peeps have little kids and have access to a CherryBerrry Frozen Yogurt in your area, have their next Birthday party there! It’s fairly inexpensive ($4.00 per kid), the kids get to create their own cup of yumminess from the kajillion items on the frozen yogurt bar, and at our local Cherry Berry the service was delightful! The space was cute, they let you bring in your own cake etc (you’d be surprised how many places don’t) and decorate however you’d like. We were super happy with the experience! GO CHERRY BERRY!

I am got being compensated for that glowing endorsement, I just wanna give ’em some kudos’s….:)

Down to biz….THE PARTY! Can I just pontificate on the awesomeness that is my GrandBaby??? I’ve been to my share of 1st Birthday parties, and was prepared for a hissy fit or 5 (from the birthday girl, not me!). They get to indulge in a normally unheard of amount of sugar, they get over stimulated from all the excitement of presents (which they really don’t understand anyway) and get passed around from party guest to party guest cuz EVERYBODY wants to hug and smooch the Birthday Baby! Our Avery was sooooooo good! She squawked at her Mommy twice, once when Mom took one present away to give her another to open and then when she had to wait for the Happy Birthday song to be finished so she could have her cake! She really IS my Kin….

The treats:





















Yes I made the cupcake liners. Yes I made the little pennants. Yes I made the cupcakes and cookies…Let me tell ya about the damn cookies. The recipe is called “No Spread Sugar Cookie Dough”. LIARS….it spread just like every other sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever used. As directed, I did not over-mix the dough, I rolled it out between wax paper and then let it chill in the fridge for 2 hours. I took it out and cut the shapes and then let them chill AGAIN before baking….came out of the oven big unrecognizable blobs. I re-cut the damn things after baking so that Peanut could have her elephant shaped cookies…grrrrr. They had great flavor, that was their only redemption.

The Shenanigans:





































































Auntie Bambi was the only grown up (besides us!) who played along….and the only one to find an alternative use for Avery’s tutu!

That’s why we love her cuz she’s always thinkin’….

Avery’s Mommy works hard everyday, so I worked hard on all the time consuming party planning and crafting that a single Mommy just doesn’t have enough time in the day to do….I enjoyed it (stupid cookies not included) and felt super lucky to be able to help. All the time spent, all the cookie frustration became completely worth it when I saw this:


The joy on our Baby’s face!

Maybe I should get a head start and begin planning her 2nd birthday party now…


6 thoughts on “Miss Peanut gets her PARTY on!

  1. Love those cupcakes. I always do cupcakes for cake for our birthday parties. I love not having to cut up the cake. Every time I serve cake, I end up toppling the pieces onto plates so they look a mess by the time the lucky guest gets one.

    Happy Birthday to your little one. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    • Bubbe neither had I until they opened one here! Chef Vivi/Capt America introduced us to the new self serve frozen yogurt bars (different chain) when we were there this summer though so we were tickled pink when we got (actually 3) here in Rapid! Yummy yummy YUMMY!

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