A year in pictures…


I can’t friggin’ believe it!

Here’s Peanut’s first year in review:

6 hours old














Three weeks old

Itty Bitty 7 week smiles

Melting my heart at 2 months old











Time for real chow at 3 months


ALMOST sitting up at 5 months

Happy Half Birthday Baby!

At 7 months she learned to stick out her tongue!
























8 months and becoming a ham…












9 months and curious about my camera, needed to take a closer look at it!














Thinking about walking at 10 months

Her first Formal occasion at 11 months

















Trick or Treatin’ at 11.9999999 months













It’s 6:30 A.M on November 3 2012, precisely one year ago at this moment I was weeping with joy while trying to take pictures of my brand spanking new and relentlessly gorgeous Granddaughter who was just a few minutes old….

Happy Birthday Peanut Butter Baby, Grammy loves you more than you will ever know!




4 thoughts on “A year in pictures…

  1. Grammy, I’m just loving these pictures! Thank goodness for them. We capture moments in time to cherish for a lifetime!

    I’m sorry I missed Avery’s birthday. My goodness, where does the time go?

    Dalan birthday was November 2nd! He’s 20! WTH?

    Anyhoo….Happy belated Birthday, Avery! You are just too precious!

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