Best laid plans…

Halloween pics as promised!

However, Poppa came home last night with a raging sore throat so he handed his costume to Derek and said “have fun!”….

I did get a couple of pics of Peanut and her original accessory before he passed the torch….

































I intended to cut a big blood splatter out of red felt and pin it to his chest but forgot to buy the damn felt…

Best laid plans….















So Derek happily (or at least quietly) took Avery around our neighborhood, graciously smiling and thanking my neighbors for their contributions to the candy bucket…even the ones who clearly misinterpreted our intention which was “LOOK AT OUR CUTE BABY! ADMIRE HER AND WE’LL GO AWAY AS YOUR PACK OF SMARTIES IS SOOOOOO NOT THE POINT!” and gave him looks of “that baby is too little for all this candy so you must just want it for yourself….”

Some Peeps….

Those with a sense of humor enjoyed our shenanigans and even asked “Can she go shoot the Neighborhood turkey??” (apparently my stalker has broadened her territory and is making the rounds of the whole subdivision. Hubs watched her chase a car last night. MENACE!)


Peanut’s Mommy had other ideas of what to do with the bow…(which is why there were no arrows)













I gave her LIFE and she tries to shoot me. Ingrate….Have I ever mentioned she was a 9 lb 15 oz baby with A BIG FAT HEAD?? True story.

How much candy did we have left you ask??



I’m tempted to hide it before he gets home from work but that seems like a mean thing to do to a sick guy…



2 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. So. Stinking. Cute! And look at her eat up the attention! What a doll!

    I’m sorry Luke’s not feeling well; maybe a nice hot toddy would soothe that raw throat? It would go well with candy! Okay maybe not. Tell him from me to feel better. And not to give it to you! 😉

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