Love, Love, Love

Tomorrow is the 1st Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Captain America!

A year ago tonight this was the scene….Dan mugging for the camera, Vivi smiling nervously….










Wow. A whole year has passed since THE WEDDING. Unbelievable….AND…….they still like each other!Can I get a “Hell Yeah!!!”???

All kidding aside, they’re good for each other; He grounds her, and She lightens him up a bit. They’re still learning the finer points of the marital give and take necessary for success, point being they’re willing to learn.

I’m proud of them….

I’m not gonna lie, I had my doubts when He first whisked her away to Washington and that may have been because she had some of her own which caused a big ol’ melt down the night before they left. She had a heart-to-heart with her Daddy which helped a lot, I lectured CA which didn’t help in the least and in the end they worked it out by themselves. They adjusted, they compromised, they made it work.

My little Girl is happy….

What more can a Mama ask for?


He still mugs for the camera, but now her smile is less nervous and more accepting (much like you’d smile at an idiot child) …..










I love you bunches!


A’packin we will go!

Well Peeps, it’s official….

We’re listing the house….

Renovation plans for this house have been kiboshed due to the cost and time involved…


Let me rephrase that…



Wednesday’s meeting with Realtor Lady was a big success, she loves the house, it’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s awesome, blah blah blahdiddy blah….She really seems very nice and she came highly recommended. Bonus: if we also use her for our buying Agent she cuts her commission on selling our house to 4.5% and that my friends is a couple Grand back in my pocket so YAY for that!

Just for shiggles (y’all remember what that means right??? Shits and giggles for the middle-aged who are easily flustered causing them to spit out words that don’t exist) Hubs and I took a fact-finding drive around the area yesterday to see what’s out there for sale that we might like.

We found quite a few properties and our options were wide and varied ranging from “move-in ready” but slightly above what we were hoping to pay to “right on budget” and spacious but needing some cosmetic updates (meaning it’s pretty vanilla for this New York Super Fudge Chunk girl) to potential laden “Cheap but spacious fixer-upper” coming in WAY under budget.

Our heads were spinning…

When we first began the “Great Move or Renovate Debate of 2012” our original plan of attack if we decided to sell and move was to find “Move in ready”, after all, why go to the trouble of moving only to renovate anyway right?? We even found 2 great properties that we wanted Realtor Lady to set up tours for…..and then we came home yesterday and started contemplating (meaning stewing to the point of obsession) the cheap fixer-upper options.

The biggest “pro” to the cheap fixer-upper is huge; half the mortgage amount for a 15 rather than 30 year loan allowing it to be paid off by the time Hubs is 53 at the latest. (Y’all remember that I put the COU in COUGAR by snagging me a man 12 years my junior right??) The biggest “con” is of course the sweat equity aspect.

We decided to focus on finding a property with plenty of square footage and yard space that needs cosmetic updates as opposed to structural ones that can be renovated for the money we profit from selling our current home. We can handle installing new cabinetry (or re-doing the existing if it’s in good shape), crown mouldings, wainscoting, new flooring, bathroom fixtures etc. Ditto for stripping God knows what off  walls and repainting and with help from our more DIY renovation savy friends, we can learn the skills of knocking down walls and replacing windows.

What we can’t do is replace a roof, update plumbing or electrical systems or foundation repair so those are the things that our perfect fixer-upper can’t need.

See? No good can come from us trying to do structural stuff….








The only real question now is do we list right away or wait til Spring when traditionally a better time to sell? I’m leaning toward waiting so it gives me time to do all the little things I want to do that will make the house seller faster without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, there’s the Holiday’s coming up and who want’s to be showing a house when you’ve got Turkey’s to baste and tree’s to decorate??

This my friends is going to get very, very interesting!



I was so effin’ productive yesterday y’all. It was like craftin’ is my job….

I also went to Hell Wal-Mart. On the 15th of the month. Because I’m stooooopid….Last time I ventured to WallyWorld to stock up?? The 1st of the month. I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s Early Onset Dementia…

I got the stuff I needed to finish my wreath while in HellMart….














Everything but the flowers is stuck on with straight pins so that after Halloween I can replace it with Fall stuff. I may be senile, but I’m a craftin’ genius! I did however forget to take pictures of it in the light of day, this one was taken at about 5:00 this morning BECAUSE I CAN’T SLEEP ANYMORE.

Anyhoo, I survived Hell & showed remarkable restraint while there cuz I do not have time to go to jail. Go me….

Yesterday was redeemed by Our Baby who came to spend the day with her Gram, and this happened:

Forgive the blur, I had to move FAST!
















Yeppers, that is my Grandbaby taking 3 unassisted steps to me, giggling all the while!

And then she did this:















Quick as a bunny mid diaper change she makes her escape…..

Chubby little nakey baby butts are the cutest thing EVER. Fact. So cute in fact that I let her run around that way for a half hour before the wrestling match that comes with changing her diaper commenced! Peanut is not a fan of being still for the 1.3 minutes it takes to change her diaper, she’s a busy girl with much to do and no time for Grammy’s silliness…..

I took full advantage of Peanut’s nap time and made new sofa pillow covers. I do this about twice a year because I have a revolving door approach to decorating, nothing stays the same for very long!

I can’t sew worth a damn, but I have fun doing it anyway!

Last week I re-covered the top of my storage ottoman (a.k.a. Avery’s toybox) because it was boring as hell and I use any excuse to infuse my living room with some color, Hubs VEHEMENTLY opposes buying furniture upholstered in brightly colored fabric!


Color makes me happy, as does mis-matched patterns apparently because nothing matches anything else but it all just works together (in my head).

Today is also going to be uber productive but in a much less fun way; today is Spring-Cleaning-In-The-Fall-So-As-To-Impress-Realtor-Lady Day. JOY….All I have to say is I hope to Hell that God (is it blasphemous to hope to hell when referencing God?? Oops) was listening when my friend Pam had this to say about selling this house; “The Realtor is gonna just BUY your house outright and the house you like will be GIVEN to you because you and hubs are just so darn wonderful! (Take Peanut with you…they won’t be able to resist her charm!)”. 

Amen Sista, A-friggin-men!


Holy Crap it’s a miracle…

Iz can walk!

Like, upright. Sans crutches. Sans limp and shuffle. SANS PAIN THAT MAKES ME ADD MUCHO DOLLARS TO AVERY’S COLLEGE FUND SWEAR JAR!!


So since my last home improvement project crippled me and I’m all better now I think it’s time to tackle another….

Duhn duhn duhhhhhhh…..



It’s gotta be done. It’s the only “unfinished” room in the house; bare concrete floors, un-sheet-rocked walls, bare plywood counter tops. It’s ugly. So we add to the ugliness by making it the dumping ground for all things that don’t have a specified place to go, or all things we’re too lazy to put in their proper place, OR things that should have gone to the GoodWill…..

The room remains unfinished because 5 1/2 years ago when we bought this house we had GRANDIOSE plans to install an exterior door to the backyard and make the basement a “walk out” so why sheet rock the walls when we were just going to cut a big hole?? And since the walls are unfinished, why put flooring down on the concrete?? Why put laminate on the counter top?? Because we’re lazy that’s why…

Did I mention that selling the house and buying another is back on the table???


Because we’re completely incapable of making a decision and then sticking to it we’re now weighing our options. Plus, we’ve found 2 homes on the market nearby that we’re kinda obsessed with….so our “we’re gonna renovate the house” plan is no longer set in stone. My biggest issue with renovating is that we are procrastinators of EPIC PROPORTIONS. I have zero trouble envisioning living in a house with plastic sheeting covering the holes in the walls, cooking everything on the grill because the kitchen has been dismantled and sleeping in the garage as it’s the only room that doesn’t look as if we’ve been testing missiles FOR FIVE DAMN YEARS….

Not a purty picture y’all….

We have a realtor coming out Wednesday morning to give us a market analysis on the house and hopefully a realistic timeline for getting it sold. Hubs is setting up appointments with a couple of general Contractor friends to give us estimates on what this renovation would cost and how long it will take.

We’ll hopefully make (and stick to) an educated decision after we get all the 411. In the meantime, I’m trying to spruce the house up a bit so the realtor will happily report we can totally get top dollar for it! And by sprucing up I mean doing crap that we’ve been putting off doing for 5 1/2 years….hence the painting of the front porch last Wednesday, the cleaning out and organizing of the laundry room and hopefully having a truck full of gravel delivered tomorrow to be spread out in the front flower bed (the BIG one with no flowers in it because we planned to reshape it and add a different edging before landscaping it FIVE YEARS AGO). Now it needs a thicker layer of gravel to hide the bits of ugly black plastic weed barrier (that does not in any way prevent weeds, they just grow up through the holes) poking up throughout the entire 15 square foot bed….

Oy. Trying to hastily add curb appeal sucks….

At least the front door is new and pretty, and while I was chair-bound the last few days I put my time to good use and made 36 lovely felt flowers for a gorgeous new fall wreath to hang on it so that’ll really clinch the deal….

All I have to do is actually buy the grapevine wreath all these flowers will go on, some glue that the felt doesn’t soak up like a SPONGE, another roll of ribbon and WAH LA! It’ll be stupendous and I totally have time to finish it. T.O.T.A.L.L.Y.











And, being the GLASS HALF EFFIN’ FULL kinda girl I am (shut up) I am totally thankful that all this can be accomplished expeditiously now that my knee is better. It’s gonna be fabulous! The realtor is going to beg us for the listing! We’ll sell the house on the first day it’s listed for wayyyyyyy more than we owe on it. We’ll find the perfect ranch style house and the sellers will be so charmed by us that they’ll take 20% off the asking price, plus foot the bill for all the closing costs! It’s gonna be great I tell ya!!!