How long does a sugar coma last anyway?

Here is my Hubs M.O. on Halloween night:

Turn the porch light on and eagerly await the arrival of the Trick or Treaters…

After the first hour begin carefully inventorying the candy bowl….

Shut off porch light and lock the door when he deems the candy bowl woefully low on chocolate confections….

Eat the remaining 3 lbs of candy himself….

The End.

Tonight he is actually going to be a Trick or Treater. Well, actually he’ll be the accessory to the Trick or Treater, Avery is dressing in full camo complete with orange vest and carrying a bow (sans arrows) and Poppa is dressing as her trophy deer! I have no doubt he will promptly cut off all candy giving here at our house as soon as he gets back from taking her around the block….

Cuz he’s 3….Ok 5.


Or my Husband….same thing.
















Happy Halloweenie Peeps!


6 thoughts on “How long does a sugar coma last anyway?

  1. We’ve gotten zero trickytreaters since we moved to The Swamp Of Satan’s Scrotum. I guess wandering alligators and chupacabra make bad companions. But back when we lived in more civilized places, we would carefully sort the “variety” candy bags, holding back the very best bits (Almond Joy, Snickers, Reese, Smarties) until we absolutely ran out of mediocre kinds and had to give it up.
    One piece at a time, resentfully….. as all holidays warrant.
    Okay, not Easter. You can have all the eggs you want on Easter.

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