A.A.R.P….what it really stands for

I’m 50.

A.A.R.P. sent me a Congratulatory letter.

And a promise of a free travel bag for joining.

That’s just mean…

I retired 15 years before I’m eligible to get paid for it which means I’m broke and have no money for travel….






However, I did join. They promised me cheaper rates on Major Medical. After paying my $16 bucks I went online to check out their health-care plans….guess what? They don’t offer any in my state.

So I’m stuck with a plan that refuses to pay for anything spine related (the only thing I really need coverage for at the moment) for which I pay $232 smackaroo’s a month. We only have 2 carriers in our area providing independent coverage, BCBS  is other one and they sent me a lovely rejection letter when I applied saying “Thanks but no thanks”…



Asshats Arbitrarily Repealing Promises.

Abominable Agitators of  Retired Penny-pinchers.

Always Available to Really Perturb.

Abundant Asses Ready to Pester

I could go on for days….

But I won’t.

I’m gonna sit here and wait for my travel bag to arrive in the mail. Then I’m gonna re-purpose it as the Amazing All-purpose Receptacle of Poop for the next time the dog crap needs to be picked up in my yard….

Because I can…



2 thoughts on “A.A.R.P….what it really stands for

  1. Hahahahahahahaha! You always make me laugh! Thanks!

    I received the infamous “invitation” about 5 years ago and we signed right up just like we knew what we were doing. Not long after that we learned how AARP spends some of the dough they collect from us. We weren’t in agreement with their choices so we cancelled our membership. Unfortunately, they still send us tons of mail. I enjoy tossing it directly into the “To Be Shredded” stack! 😀

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