Our Baby Likes Balloons….

Peanut’s 1st birthday is a week from today, so y’all might as well know that you’re not getting much outta me for the next week that isn’t baby related!

Case in point:

The official birthday portraits.

Taken by yours truly….

Wearing her Birthday outfit….

Made by yours truly….


I won’t subject you to the full PreciousFest that occurred yesterday when I took these for a couple of reasons; A) I took 350 pictures. 350 PICTURES. B) I took 350 pictures….I don’t even want to think about how long it would take me to upload that many but suffice it to say all our lives would be shortened by several hours (days)….

You’re welcome.

I will however share my favs….



























































































And then she went swimming in Gram’s big tub!
















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