I was so effin’ productive yesterday y’all. It was like craftin’ is my job….

I also went to Hell Wal-Mart. On the 15th of the month. Because I’m stooooopid….Last time I ventured to WallyWorld to stock up?? The 1st of the month. I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s Early Onset Dementia…

I got the stuff I needed to finish my wreath while in HellMart….














Everything but the flowers is stuck on with straight pins so that after Halloween I can replace it with Fall stuff. I may be senile, but I’m a craftin’ genius! I did however forget to take pictures of it in the light of day, this one was taken at about 5:00 this morning BECAUSE I CAN’T SLEEP ANYMORE.

Anyhoo, I survived Hell & showed remarkable restraint while there cuz I do not have time to go to jail. Go me….

Yesterday was redeemed by Our Baby who came to spend the day with her Gram, and this happened:

Forgive the blur, I had to move FAST!
















Yeppers, that is my Grandbaby taking 3 unassisted steps to me, giggling all the while!

And then she did this:















Quick as a bunny mid diaper change she makes her escape…..

Chubby little nakey baby butts are the cutest thing EVER. Fact. So cute in fact that I let her run around that way for a half hour before the wrestling match that comes with changing her diaper commenced! Peanut is not a fan of being still for the 1.3 minutes it takes to change her diaper, she’s a busy girl with much to do and no time for Grammy’s silliness…..

I took full advantage of Peanut’s nap time and made new sofa pillow covers. I do this about twice a year because I have a revolving door approach to decorating, nothing stays the same for very long!

I can’t sew worth a damn, but I have fun doing it anyway!

Last week I re-covered the top of my storage ottoman (a.k.a. Avery’s toybox) because it was boring as hell and I use any excuse to infuse my living room with some color, Hubs VEHEMENTLY opposes buying furniture upholstered in brightly colored fabric!


Color makes me happy, as does mis-matched patterns apparently because nothing matches anything else but it all just works together (in my head).

Today is also going to be uber productive but in a much less fun way; today is Spring-Cleaning-In-The-Fall-So-As-To-Impress-Realtor-Lady Day. JOY….All I have to say is I hope to Hell that God (is it blasphemous to hope to hell when referencing God?? Oops) was listening when my friend Pam had this to say about selling this house; “The Realtor is gonna just BUY your house outright and the house you like will be GIVEN to you because you and hubs are just so darn wonderful! (Take Peanut with you…they won’t be able to resist her charm!)”. 

Amen Sista, A-friggin-men!



2 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. Nah, not only in your head. Those colors pop and I like mixing the patterns up too!

    Prayers, positive vibes, crossed fingers and toes for your venture into selling and buying real estate my dear! The Real Estate Lady will be blown away by your awesomeness with crafts and decor!

    Give those baby butt cheeks a squeeze from this grandma/bubbe!


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