Happy Birthday Captain America













Today is my beloved S.I.L.’s (aka Captain America) birthday! Maybe I’ll bake a cake in his honor, but baking a cake that he can’t eat and sending him pictures of it is probably mean huh?? I was also gonna bake a cake for the demise of my Snarky Self. I think I just want cake….

If he lived closer he’d DEFINITELY get cake….

I wonder if his wife (the Chef) will make him a cake? She’s probably hung over since last night was the 80’s themed birthday shebang of her best friend (aka Fluffy Squirrel Girl) so his chances of getting birthday cake are sketchy…she did buy him tickets to some wrestling/fighting/dude thing and let him take his friend instead of her so it’s not like he’s being neglected….

He got her gourmet cupcakes for her birthday, they spelled out “Happy Birthday MoFo”….they’re a uber romantic couple those two. It’s touching, really!

Whether he spends his birthday eating cake, or holding back my Daughter’s hair I hope he enjoys his day! If I had to guess how he ends up celebrating I’d have to go with teaching his martial arts class which is how he spends his Saturday’s anyway….

Anyhoo, here’s to Dan! The bestest S.I.L any Mom could ask for!

I’m really glad my Kid married him!



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