Ding Dong, she’s dead….

I’ve noticed a trend in the last few months here on the blog; My reader count is down about 20-25% and I get fewer comments. (Actually, comments are pretty much non existent.)

So I’ve come to a conclusion; my emotionally stable life is BORING Y’ALL!! And that’s ok….

I’m in a good place. I can’t remember ever being in quite such a calm and peaceful place in my life. I’m at peace. That’s huge. HUGE. Is my life nauseatingly perfect?? No. But it’s comfortable and happy, and that’s close enough for me.

I still have some lingering insecurities but I’ve done all I can to rectify the situations that bring out those insecurities, and I’m much less stressed about them than I’ve been for years.

My life is good! I’m boring as hell now, but life is good!! Those humorous, snarky, stabbity posts that I used to be able to churn out over and over were apparently fueled by depression and anxiety. When I left my job and no longer had the annoying co-worker to serve as my muse, and started the long slow process of letting go of negativity my stabbity died!

I feel I should bake a cake. Ya know how people always bring food to the wake when someone dies?? My Snarky Stabbity Slightly Mean Self has perished and I want to throw a good old fashioned wake! Eat cake and pasta salads, raise my wine glass in a toast to the old Girl! She was funny, and y’all loved her!

Are you sad she’s gone?

R.I.P. Witchy Woman















3 thoughts on “Ding Dong, she’s dead….

  1. I am so glad that you have found a peaceful place. You should shake the dust off the stabbity once in a while, though, simply because I will at some point need to put that stewpot on my head over the dog bowl, which means I’ll be coming up there to visit people’s driveways. But not while there’s white stuff on your porch.
    Love you muchly!

  2. Still love your blog, Grammy. I have left quite a few comments over the past few weeks and they always disappear and never seem to get approved. I no longer get the prompt to cut and paste the verification piece, so I am wondering if I am being filtered out as a spammer. The spam filter is probably saying “oh no, not the Irish one again.” Anyways, hope this one makes it through. If I don’t see it approved in the next few days I’ll pop you an e-mail to let you know there may be a problem.

    • Mairead you’re the 2nd person to tell me about a comment posting problem. I’ve no idea what the issue is, none of my settings have been changed! Looks like I may have to pop off a help request to WordPress!

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