My camera has created a monster….

Constantly having my camera in her face since 2 seconds after her birth has turned my Granddaughter into a Ham Monster. And it cracks me the hell up!

Case in point:























First one: Unobserved. Second: Whatcha got there Gram?  Third: Oh I got it, it’s picture time. Lemme just TURN  IT ON!

Her big happy grin is infectious! But this time I just wanted pictures of her “reading” her books, they’re truly her favorite toys. Not as easy a task as you’d think….

Need more proof? Here:

















I hid the camera behind me for a minute and then snuck it back out and got ONE before she was ready. After that?? Cheese….Pure cheese!

Avery’s incredible awareness of my camera makes my job as her Official Photographer both easier and at the same time harder. On the one hand, it’s hard to get a bad pic of the kid (usually caused by user error on the part of the person handling the camera). On the other hand, getting candid photos where she’s not looking RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA is next to impossible! She has just a beautiful little profile, and I try so hard to capture it

Sometimes something unexpected and fun accidentally happens:
















Sillouette…almost got her profile.

Anyone have any tips for photographing kids? The only thing I’ve been able to figure out is to always have her Poppa in the room to distract her from what I’m doing, which works great as long as he’s home.

Hope y’all are enjoying your week!


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