Tutu much….

Avery’s first Birthday is 6 weeks (or so) away, can you effin’ believe it???

Being as I’m retired (unemployed) and have time on my hands (yay me) I have volunteered my crafting services to my Daughter (who has no time) for all Birthday related stuff….

And I work in one of two ways: A) do stuff wayyyyy earlier than necessary or B) wait until the last friggin’ minute and then feel stressed and overwhelmed. I prefer option A because even though I tuck the stuff I make in a safe (obscure and never to be remembered) place therefore resulting in a last minute scavenger hunt to find them when needed, it beats the crap out of the “shitballs and firecrackers!  I have 2 days to design and make all this stuff and I have a cold and don’t wanna do it but I gotta cuz I promised WHAHHH!) business that inevitably ensues when I take option B.

So I’ve made pretty much everything we wanted for Peanut’s circus themed birthday party (Get it?? Peanut? Elephant?? Circus??) A “Happy 1st Birthday Avery” red/white stripped circus pennant banner plus a smaller “Peanut” version for her high chair, pennant cupcake toppers with the letter A on them, red/white striped “Thank you for helping me celebrate my big day! Love Peanut” treat bag toppers (which will hold peanuts in the shell), a red/white striped photo booth back drop (complete with clown noses, mustaches and hats for props) AND THIS:

A TUTU! It will be part of her party outfit (not finished)…



































Oh Helloooo!

The preciousness of this party is clearly out of control, and doomed to worsen as I have no doubt I’ll think up other stuff that is NEEDED!


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