Boo. Also Hiss. And whine….

My Vivi left yesterday to go back home to her Hubs because he’s a selfish Boob. Ok, not really. We love him but he gets her ALL THE TIME……geez…..


I miss her already.


My Hubs (who is NOT AT ALL  as selfish Boob) took me to one of our new self-serve frozen yogurt places to cheer me up after we dropped her off at the airport. Have y’all been to one of these little joints?? Multiple yummy flavors of soft serve frozen yogurt (I got Espresso, dark chocolate, & peanut butter), then you have a kajillion choices of candy/fruit/nut choices to put on top (I got chopped Heath, Reese’s cups, Oreo’s and little caramel filled chocolate candies) and then a bunch of sauce toppings (I got Ghiradelli’s white chocolate, caramel, and dark chocolate)….they charge by the weight of your cup when you’ve filled it….

Our two cups of dessert cost over $16.00 smackaroos!!


Frozen creamy goodness topped with diabetes inducing amounts of candy cures any damn thing that ails ya, I’m just sayin’…..

I’m still sad my Girl is gone and I’ll still have to stay busy this week to keep from being pitiful but my Hubs knows how to cheer me up!



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