Where the hell is Annie Leibovitz when I need her??

A nice 3 Generation portrait….maybe some fun pics of all my girls…

That’s all I wanted.

Don’t ask….

Seriously. Annie Leibovitz would never have allowed this to happen….

Peanut Butter Baby was unhappy, and her Auntie was apparently drunk….

My Daughters are Asshats…fact.

And teaching the art to my Granddaughter…

Ok, I forgave Vivi after this one….

And Brit after this one….

Clearly the tender moment was short lived….















Oh what the hell….

All I can say about THIS one is that Avery’s ponytail looks perfect!


Don’t ask me what the hell I was looking at, this one would have been so good! It’s like we conspired against ourselves to never look in the same direction simultaneously….

Poor Baby is going to be traumatized for life after this….

I’m consoled by the fact that we can’t afford Ms. Leibovitz, and WE are not professional FOtogrAfers…..Plus I doubt she would be as much fun as we are…

Another good day!


PS….Our Baby took 2 tentative steps (mostly momentum driven!) before she plunked back down on her chubby little bottom! Won’t be long….




















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