Every time she smiles…

When she smiles, I smile. I even smile when I see pictures of her smiling…












When I sing, she sings along with her sweet baby babble, and that fills my heart with happiness….













And when she giggles, I feel JOY….

She’s my Sunshine!

I got my uumph back, and have been SUPER busy the last couple of days checking things off my to-do list and will have pics of my antics soon….although as usual, only AFTER pics and NO before….I must have a sub-conscience need to shield y’all from the horror of my projects while they’re still ugly. Either that or it’s the dementia!

My Hubs will be home Saturday night, whether he’s with or without an elk remains to be seen….

Vivi will be here on Monday, and she cannot wait to spend time with her Niece, I’m pretty sure seeing Avery is the sole reason for the visit!

I don’t blame her….


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