Let there be light….

Well….maybe I can’t make light, but I can re-do the crap out of lighting fixtures!

This has been a crafty week for me, I seem to run in cycles of creativity and sloth. You get one or the other, occasionally you get both as I can be pretty creatively slothful!

Apparently it’s lamp week at the Self house, I’ve redone 3 in the last 3 days, one of them had a table attached….

My carpet is a light tan-ish/sage-y/grey-ish color. My living room sectional is chocolate brown and while the walls are a soft, happy butter yellow this room is dying for some COLOR which I have to add in the form of accessories.

This is what I worked on yesterday, and I gotta say I adore it finished even more than I did when it was just a picture in my head!


















I’m so in love with this lampshade!! It took me about 8 hours to tear the strips and tie them on but it made good use of some of that fabric I bought to make bags WHICH AREN’T SELLING and although it took a bit of time, I worked on it while watching TV and waiting for the dryer to buzz….and it re-purposed the existing lampshade as I just cut the icky plain beige fabric off of it and made use of the frame! The wood table top had been discolored by spilled fingernail polish remover and was honestly nothing special to begin with. I sanded it down just to get the varnish off and painted it with a couple shades of turquoise acrylic craft paint, then finished with 2 coats of clear sealer…

Wha La! Fun, funky, definitely original new table! It adds so much color and whimsy to my boring living room….makes me smile!

Also, I promised pics of the redone bedside lamps…




































It’s the 2nd time I’ve redone these lamps that I got for half price at Hobby Lobby about 7 years ago! This time, just red spray paint, black glaze and a little sanding to distress them, with fabric rosettes glued to the existing shades. I was trying to coordinate fabrics for the flowers with this gorgeous paisley fabric I had and didn’t realize until they were on the lamps that they might be misconstrued as being a little “Red Hat Society”….they’re not! I swear! The whole re-do took me maybe an hour, hour and a half tops….But I’d gotten pretty tired of them and now I love them again! I also love getting my money’s worth out of stuff I already own!

Last but not least, I did one little project that has nothing whatsoever to do with lighting…unless you count the sunshine happiness it brings to my little Kid heart!



















Just a candle holder and a funky tea cup glued together to hold Q-tips in my bathroom, I found both pieces at Chef Vivi’s Goodwill for a buck apiece…I spray painted the wooden candle holder with orange spray paint left over from another project, roughed it up a little with the sander and glazed it with black glaze then glued the cup on with E-6000 glue. The teacup was so fun just the way it was that I did nothing to it! Another fun but useful project completely done with re-purposed materials….

I don’t remember who it was that expressed concern that I’d end up bored in retirement but they clearly don’t know me very well! Bored??? Me?? With all this stuff I have that needs a face lift and all these cans of colorful paint in my garage??


What’s next you ask??? A manicure….I gotta go redo my nails, all this refinishing furniture, painting, sanding, etc. has ruined my polish job!


4 thoughts on “Let there be light….

  1. You go girl! That lampshade is awesome! I like the red lamps too; very cool with the black glaze. My fave though has to be the Q-tip holder! Yay! You have a little piece of Washington you get to see every day! Not to mention how whimsical it is. I for one, can’t imagine you EVER being bored!

  2. LOVE the shades! Especially the RED! Va-va-voom!

    And that q-tip holder is the bomb! Do you dream of creative ideas? I’m always thinking of things but NOT like you! I wish I did. I’m currently thinking of bracelets. When I finish them I’ll post some pictures.

    I’m also with Bubbe in that I can NOT imagine you ever being bored!!


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