I no longer hate Mondays, but I’m starting to dislike Monday mornings as I’ve somehow gotten into a Monday morning grocery shopping at Hell(wal)Mart habit. Not sure how that happened….pretty sure I’m about to break it cuz I like being able to gloat that Monday’s are my favorite day of the week! ***insert ornery grin here***

Sticking to my weekly grocery budget, staying about $20-25 bucks under it pretty consistently. Go me! And it’s a good thing as any funds left over from groceries goes into my craft supply fund….and by craft supply I mean thrift/junk/resale shop treasures and the stuff I need to redo/alter/restore said treasures. My Hubs is eternally grateful that our Goodwill store is not as fabulous as the one Chef Vivi has access to, he’s fairly certain if it was the grocery list would consist of Ramen noodles and hot dogs so I had more money for spending on junk we don’t need but I want to sand/paint/distress/decoupage/glaze….glazing stuff after painting it has become my new obsession. Blame Chef Vivi….

Speaking of restoring old stuff, I spent this morning (after Hellmart) lovingly working on bringing back to life the bedroom set we inherited from the Dearly Departed M.I.L….it’s been in storage for several years waiting for us to make room for it and replace the beveled mirror on the vanity table that got broken. $300+ bucks later the mirror is finished and looks beautiful. We gave our old bedroom furniture to Avery’s Mom to make room for the heirloom set. The beautiful new mirror really reflected how beat up and neglected the wood on the set was…..so I went to work restoring it, without stripping it.

I’ve used Old English Scratch Cover before and knew it would be too dark for this wood, but I’d read that using a mix of olive oil and lemon juice made a really great furniture polish for old dry wood so I mixed equal parts olive oil with the Scratch cover and added a half measure of lemon juice in an old baby food jar (thanks Peanut!) and shook it all up. I was hoping that the oil/juice would dilute the walnut oil in the scratch cover so it would be lighter and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! Because I’m a friggin’ genius….:)

Yep, I’m such a friggin’  genius that I forgot to take any “before” pics until I got to the very last side of the very last piece I had to work on…..


So you only get one before pic, you’ll just have to take my word for how well this worked!

And this wasn’t even close to the worst damage….the armoire doors had been DUCT TAPED shut before it was put into a hot Florida storage building after Mom passed away. Who put’s duct tape on antique furniture??? So there was this icky residue from the tape, luckily it didn’t ruin the finish. There were water rings on the dresser and the vanity and all three pieces were scratched all to hell. Gouged in places. Really wish I’d taken before pics…..

Anyhoo, peanut butter (the kind you eat, not the Grandbaby kind!) left on the tape residue for about a half hour took it right off, and the polish mixture covered all the scratches and gouges as well as the water rings! I was amazed and tickled pink!

So here it is, in all it’s glory….Mom Willie’s 100+ year old bedroom suit:

Ignore the ginormous dog bed next to the dresser. Pug needs A LOT of space to stretch out….


See the ugly brown lamp? It’s being painted RED as we speak! Yippee for me!


See?? No stupid duct tape residue!


Mom, your stuff is in good hands….and your Son will NOT let me paint/glaze or otherwise alter it so Rest in Peace!

It really was a labor of love, I know how much this set means to my Hubs and I’m so happy to have it in our home and thrilled at how great it looks now!

Can’t wait for the paint to dry on the lamps so I can distress and glaze them, pics to come on that project!


4 thoughts on “Heirlooms….

  1. Wow! Those pieces are beeyootifull!!! Seriously! I’d love to have that set! And I will make note of your concoction as my coffee and end tables have some wear as does my freebie dining room table! Must try this while I’m recovering! 😀

  2. OOOHHH Grammy! You are AMAZING! That furniture is just beautiful!

    When I was a teenager I had a set similar to that. My bio-mother purchased it for me from a neighbor who had passed away (well from the family). But when I moved out, she wouldn’t let me take it. I have no idea what happened to it 😦

    It’s great to see heirloom pieces in loving homes!


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